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Welcome to Our Classic and Muscle Car Store

We Can Build Your Dream Ride

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Steel Bodies

Choose the Steel Body for your Dream Ride

We love our original classics and barn finds however sometimes you find yourself looking at a really awesome find that needs a tetanus shot.

The Chassis

Choose Stock or Custom Build Chassis

The chassis is the very foundation of your ride. Aside from the engine, it is without a doubt the most important component in the construction of a vehicle.


Choose Stock or Custom Build Chassis

The life force of your dream ride is going to come from a good powerful engine Custom Build or Factory Original.


Show quality paint done in house by John Russo since 1980

Putting the finishing touches on your ride is one of the most thrilling aspects of the whole process. It is the moment when you see your baby truly coming together.

The Interior

Your choice full custom or stock original

There’s nothing like admiring the outside of a ride and the opening the door and feeling just as much awe at the interior.

Finished Product

Show quality Classic and Muscle car restoration

A complete car restoration will take around 1000 -1500 hours, depending on the build: a full custom muscle car, or stock original. Classics will take more time than the muscle cars of the 60s -70s because of the massive amounts of stainless steel and chrome trim.

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