Taking it Way Back with 1927 Buick in Our Classic Car Shop in Florida

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There are Classic cars, and then there are vintage ones – like the 1927 Buick Restoration we did in our Classic Car shop in Florida!!



Classic 1927 Buick Restoration

The 1927 Buick was among the leading American classic motor cars.


With an upgraded straight-8 engine and multiple body styles, this car revisited with new establishment of GM B platform. Buick started its journey in 1916.



It also had a Series D, E, H and K. They were available in roadster, sedan, coupe also as touring car. Additional numeric designations for the body styles were given for each series. The D series had 44, 45, 46 and 47. The E, H, and K along with had the same designations added 49, 50 for longer wheelbases and bodywork.



Later the Buick also introduced there few other body styles which include the Pullman Saloon, Country Club, and Town Car. Buick was also manufactured from GM’s Japanese factory at Osaka Assembly in Japan. The 120, 121 and 129 designations were even launched from the year 1925, including changes in the wheelbase.

Here’s the 1927 Buick Roadster Restoration in our Classic Car Shop in Florida

This car belonged to a man named Greg who got this car from his Dad. This one, in particular, was very rare because it came in a yellow/olive color paint color. Usually, the handpainted cars only came in blacks with yellow.


1927 Buick Restoration Palm Beach Customs



We used PPG Deltron to get the original color match and Concept 2020 clear by PPG.


Full restoration of a 1927 Buick Roadster Classic pre-war oldtimer.


The leather interior was completed by our good friend, Russell Smith at Valley Auto Top.



Palm Beach Customs prides itself as one of the best classic car shops in Florida capable of handling any classic car you have that needs TLC or more. We are in this business since the ’80s and so if you really have any project in mind then don’t hesitate.



We as the veterans in classic and muscle car restoration are there to handle everything that fills your plate. Here are few packages for you to properly understand what we offer



Full restoration of a 1927 Buick Roadster Classic




  • 1. Steel Body – The better idea is to start from square one. So if you do have a build project in place then we can provide every raw material. All our steel bodies are MOPAR licensed and produced according to the factory specifications. We assure enhanced quality thus provide original parts and chassis.



  • 3. Turn – Key Finished Product –Given the busy way of life many do not have time to build their own cars so we allow you to relax at home and let us do all the hard for you. Provide us all the details about your dream machine and we will get them in shape. Don’t worry about the shipment, we take care of that as well. We take all the responsibility to get your product home.



1927 Buick Roadster Classic Restoration



Assured Quality and authentic products are what we offer along with that satisfaction we strive for. Palm Beach Customs has the best team which would take care all of your car woes and give you a cruising automobile.



Do check out our website for the testimonials and videos which clearly show the work we do. We are dedicated professionals at your service.







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