1940-1960 Top Ten American Classic Cars

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1940-1960 Top Ten American Classic Cars

Top ten American classic cars
Cadillac Convertibles
The American auto industry has no doubt produced some of the most thrilling and memorable vehicles of all time. Number ten on the list of the top ten American classic cars are the Cadillac Convertibles produced in 1959-1960. Manufactures of Cadillac have been known to produce machines that are of high quality. This is also a brand that showcases luxury in their products. The reason as to why this is a favorite classic car on the list is the fact that it allows different modification to be done to it easily.

Chevrolet Bel Air
This is another classic American car. It has been popular due to the manner in which its production has spanned over the years. One of the distinct features of the Bel Air is its design. The year of production of this amazing classic car is around 1957. The car is characterized by coupe and convertible body style. The Chevrolet Bel Air is considered as one of the cheapest American classic cars because of the influx of such models in the year 2005 and 2006. Due to the popularity of this car the production of this car span from 1953 to 1975.

Mercury Eight
This car out-cooled any other vehicle on the road during the period of 1949 to 1951. This was the first model of the Ford Motor Company. The 1941 model of the Mercury eight is characterized by the “eight” script that appears on the front of the hood. This made the car to be so tantalizing and this is a reason as to why the car can be described as one of the best American classic cars of all time. The mercury grille that was on this model made it look more dazzling. Some other feature that makes this car to stand out from other is the chrome headlight covers.

Lincoln Continental Mark II
The division of Ford Motor made a model name for a series that they called Lincoln Continental. This was produced around 1956-1957. It was a time when Chrome was the in thing. It is the age when chrome was used as a decorating tool, that this Mark II became so enticing. Its design was very classy and sophisticated without being elitist. Lincoln Continental Mark II brought a breath of fresh air as far as car was concerned during that time. This makes it be one of the most sought classic cars in the 1940s -1960s.

Chevrolet Corvette
An amazing fact about this American classic car is that only 300 cars were built. The year when this car model was produced is around 1953. There were very many fanatics of Corvette, and the fact that only very few were available could mean that they were too much in demand. The style of the car and the design made the car to be much desirable. It is also important to take into consideration that the car was a first-year model. The first-year models are usually very sought after cars. For this reason, it becomes a classic American car of all times

Chrysler C300 Hard Top
The main feature of this model of Chrysler is that it was huge. The car was also powerful and bold with an attractive elegance that exemplified trendy Fifties-era design. Its framework is a spectacular piece of metal carving. The interior of this classic Chrysler is well enhanced by an instrument panel that is loaded with fine details that captivates the eye. Only 1725 cars were built on this model making them be rare. This Chrysler can be said to be a very sought after car in the 50s period.

Ford Thunderbird 1955
This model for the ford company is also known as “T-Bird.” This is an American luxury car, and eventually, it enhanced a market niche known as a personal luxury car.’ When the Thunderbird was first produced in 1955, it was a two-seat sporty convertible. The main reason for the manufacture of this model was to try to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette. Due to this response, the manufacturer had to ensure that it is more appealing than the competitors. An enticing feature of a Thunderbird is derived by the fact that it is sleeker. The car was also considered very speedy as the speedometer was calibrated up to 240km/hr, a feature that other Ford models didn’t have.

Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
The Pontiac Bonneville of the 1959-’60 was one of the amazing models to be ever produced by the company. Some feature such as the split grilles, twin-fin rear fenders and the more surface area covered with glass as compared to the previous model made the car exemplary. The wheelbases of this model were also large (124 inches). The car was a convertible with two doors. The oval taillights that were on all the Bonneville series were also incorporated in this model. This astonishing feature of the Pontiac Bonneville convertible makes it rank among the top ten American classic cars of the 1940s and 1960s.

Buick Electra 225 convertible
This model was introduced in 1959 alongside other 285,089 Buicks and only 2% were Electra 225. The “225” represented the inches of the length of the car even though this remained true only to the four doors. The unique attribute of this car was the standard bench seats which were made of leather and also the first year bucket seats. This was the only Buick model made in 1959 which had bucket seats or leather ones. This car offered several options such as fully tinted glasses, bucket seats, wonder bar radio, automatic heat, air conditioning, air ride suspension, and rear speaker. The under-body of the car was undercoated by a Buick authorized dealer.

Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
The model can be traced back to 1957 and featured multiple stylish ideas like the bodywork with sparkling stainless steel, a four-door hardtop, and rear-hinged doors. The unique feature of this model was the exclusive Quad headlights. The car was engineered such that it was power everything in its operation. The rear doors and trunk lid was opened and closed at the push of a bottom. Air conditioning was naturally present in the car with the first memory front car seat. The aluminum wheels were forged in nature which was exclusive for a production car.




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