1947-57 Chevy Trucks – We Aren’t Just a Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Florida

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More About These Old Trucks from a classic car restoration specialist in Flordia…


In 1947, the Chevrolet linked the gap between a passenger car and pickup by introducing the new series of light duty truck.


In comparison to the earlier model of AK series, this advanced design was of stronger and larger build.

Until few years these sleek machines were replaced with the Task Force Series. The design and configuration of this family infused with the Suburban, Canopy express, cab overs and panel truck models.



In '55 with some differences in the hoods and fenders, the Chevy truck were the top seller in the United States.


With 3 or 4 speed manual or a 4 speed Hydramatic automatic transmission the size variation of the trucks were – Full ton, half and three quarter.  They had a 216 cu – 261 cu in engine (l6) under the hood. The Thriftmaster Stock, Advance Design, 3100, 3100 panel van and GMC 100 were some of the models.


Steel Bodies for the 47 – 57 Chevy Trucks...


We at Palm Beach Customs are classic car restoration specialist in Florida. We are in this business since the 1980s so you can bet on our work experience and exposure. What we are offering for the 47 – 57 Chevy trucks steel cabs and the chassis to go with them.


classic car restoration specialist in florida on chevy truck steel bodies


The '47 – '57 Chevy trucks chassis that we offer can be divided into two categories -

  • 1. 55 – ’59 Bolt-on GT Sport – Of the ’55 – ’59 Task Force series, with this chassis comes performance and convenience.
  • 2. ’47 – ’53 GT Sport from Art Morrison – With Sport IFS and Beefy 15/16 “(diameter) upper control arms comes upsized poly - brushed rod ends bundled with coil over shocks for better handling ( and anti-sway bar).

classic truck restoration in florida



What Our Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Florida Can Offer You for Your Chevy Truck


You will have a satisfactory and smooth experience dealing with us here at Palm Beach Customs. We extend our offer to tend all your machine woes. No worries if we can't match your requirement we will suggest the best place place to get it. Here are our three primary packages -


  • Turn Key Product – This is the best option you get if you are running out of time. Explain to us about you best build ideas and we will ship the finished and furnished product right through. Call us and tell us what you need.



  • Steel Body Options – We are here to help you to build your car from square one. Tell us about your required Steel Body and start building your own car. We assure the originality and quality of the product. Be it tub, kits, frame we are there to deliver the right product at your doorstep. Read more about our exclusive options here.



Since '80s the Palm Beach Customs has been working on car restorations and we  assure you the best of experience with our expertized team



Check our website for the many testimonials and time lapse videos and get to know about our work ethic and authenticity.





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