1951 Ford Custom V8 Convertible Complete Restoration to”Like New”

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Read Below About this ’51 Ford V8 Convertible Complete Restoration at Palm Beach Customs in Florida…



Many car restoration shops can collect nice pics off the internet and create fancy image galleries of old timers, but you can never really be sure these cars were actually restored by the people claiming so. Palm Beach Customs began as JR’s Auto Body way back in the day and we’ve restored over 1100 classic and muscle cars…


Newspaper clip 1951 Ford V8 Convertible fully restored like new



John Russo is one of the few that can boast with plenty of newspaper articles, as evidence of outstanding car restoration work, like the one above.


The image you see is a fully restored 1951 Ford Custom V8 convertible. The car was restored to an "Almost like new" level, for a local car collector. Who knows, if the driver was a younger guy, the reporter would definitely slap the "like new" label.


Since 1980 John has worked on full restoration projects and has restored museum-value cars as old as the 1920es. In this case, the rare 51 Ford beauty saw a full body restoration, as well as:

  • wiring,
  • engine repair,
  • transmission repair and
  • suspension repairs


To get the vehicle in excellent shape, a worthy item in a collector's garage.

There are very few of these beauties on the streets these days, and the number of 1951 Fords that are in this good a shape is even lower.



To genuinely restore a 60+-year-old vehicle it takes a lot more than just power tools. It takes tons of hands-on experience, a lot of research to make sure every screw and body element is the way Ford designers made it, plenty of technical know-how, and most of all, an artistic hand to properly sculpt this beauty back into its former glory.

Everything from:

  • rust removal,
  • panel replacement,
  • panel repair,
  • priming,
  • painting,
  • polishing,
  • interior rework...

It's all handled by John and his team for a full restoration experience. The driving motto of a quality restoration is to always over-shoot the general expectations from a restored car. This is why cars that we restore are labeled "as good as new" by newspapers and collectors alike.

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