1955-56 Chevy Smoothie Firewall Upgrade

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1955-chevy steel body


Firewalls are considerably important when it comes to cars, and have significant functions. They
basically differ with sizes, as a larger engine would obviously require a larger firewall to fit
within. If the size of the firewall corresponds with the size of the main engine, it is true that the
car will then have a smoother look.

This firewall doesn’t only enhance the outer look of your Chevy, but it is also known for helping
you have a cool ride. It greatly helps your car in air conditioning, and you can buy it either as a
replacement for your older firewall, or for you engine, as this is especially going to work well
with the Big Block GM Engine Packages.

1955-56 Chevy Firewall

This one is an amazing upgrade to the amazing Chevy 1955-56 Smoothie Firewall, which had been a very high quality one itself. Like the last one, this can also fit into the other cars which go with the dimensions, and has a very classical, vintage look which sustains the look that the older cars had as well.

This is why the firewall takes care of looking exactly like the original firewalls, with minor changed. For example, there are no more holes in this firewall, and we shall not forget how the quality of the material used, as well as the manufacturing and finish is made sure to be to the point, so that the firewall provides your car and you with a kind of protection you could not have imagined.

The 1955-56 Chevy firewall will best suit the ones who have had completely customized cars, and if your car has been custom made and you’re looking for a firewall, you should definitely try and check if the requirements match this firewall’s dimensions, and if they do, you must not let this one go. For the price, the firewall provides an amazing protection, with the features of the original 1955-56 Chevy firewall still intact, but further updates being added to it.

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