1955-57 Tri-5 Chevy truck Cab Steel Body to Roll Along With You

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The Chevy Cab/Truck had proved to be an awesome vehicle back in the time when it had been manufactured. It blew up almost instantly, becoming everyone’s favorite.

However, even several decades later in today’s tile, the Chevy Cabs are still greatly admired, and people love the site of them going down the streets.

None of them changes the fact that nowadays, these Chevy Cabs are extremely rare, almost near to existence, which just adds on to the value of the cab. This is another reason why many people still treasure their Chevy Cabs and keep them close to their hearts.


However, so does it break their hearts when the cab gets rusted and worn out with time and requires restoration.

2 door Chevy Truck


Luckily, restoration can make your car look as good as new all over again, but there are several obstacles.

These include the way you’d have to go out looking for several different parts, not sure if you’d be able to find the right price and quality.

Adding to this is the fact that the parts for the Chevy Cabs are extremely rare, and you might not find the right facilities to get the parts assembled. This is why all of this can cause a great headache. Thankfully, this product is here to save lives.


Tri-five Chevy Steel Body Restoration


1955-57 Tri-5 Chevy Truck Cab Steel Body

This is a steel body for the Chevy Cab that was manufactured back in 1955-57. It is a beautiful model, as well as a strong and durable one, and more resisted and improved than the previous models.



Features of 1955-57 Tri-5 Chevy Truck Cab Steel Body:

  • There are several different important features in this Chevy Cab, including the fact that it includes the doors in its body. They’re all hinged and fitted to the exterior of the car, and work perfectly due to their flawless assembly and manufacturing processes.
  • There is a steel dash to cover the front, made of very high-quality steel to assist in the manufacturing of your high-quality car.
  • Includes Cab Floor Braces, which are essential components of the floor of the car.
  • Lastly, we offer our expert assembly of your cab along with all of these, due to how reliable we are and how our results are guaranteed.


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steel bodies we sell, being built.

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