1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton

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1955-chevy steel body


Having old cars with you is a task that constantly requires your attention and focus. This is especially true when you care a lot for those cars, and hold them very dear to your heart. However, no amount of care and love can stop the car from slowly starting to rust, even though it might happen at a slower rate with a lot of rate.

1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton

1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton

Most of the bodies for the older, vintage cars are pretty strong and durable, but they lose their shine and glam by this time. This is why, Palm Beach is proud to be bringing to you an ultimate solution to that problem. With this 1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton, you can transform the outlook of your Chevy completely, and make it look as good as new.

With this skeleton, you can bring back the long lost shine and glamorous appearance of your car. Additionally, this skeleton has an amount of strength and resistance to rusting that is about 25% more than the original body, so that the new skeleton is only a better and improved version of the older one. It is important that the appearance of the vintage looking cars is sustained in such cases, and we have taken special care of that with this skeleton.

1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop

The 1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton includes:

  • The entire exterior body, including top skin and drip rails, and all of this is made of very high quality steel. The Dash and other exterior steels, however, are not included in this skeleton.
  • The entire skeleton is assembled professionally with a great amount of precision and perfection, using the latest technology. In this way, it can be made sure that everything is to the point.

1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body

This 1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton will compliment your 1955 Chevy in a way that you would never have imagined, and once you have it on, you’ll feel like you just got the brand new car yesterday! It wouldn’t feel like a customized body at all, but a better, newer and stronger version of the previous, old body of the car. This upgrade will leave not only you, but everyone else breathless. Check product here. Check new classic and muscle car real steel bodies here.

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