This 1957 Chevy Firewall Will Be The Best for your Customized Car!

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If you have been looking forward to getting your old car restored, or for working on a customized car for yourself, both are very good ideas. Your old car needs restoration at some point, as the parts included in that car are all made according to the time they were made in. Due to a difference in the time, newer and stronger parts are required for a car to fare well amongst the other, and for it to perform well. Even if you’re looking forward to having a custom car made, it is obvious that you’d want high-quality parts for your body.

1957 Chevy Smoothie Firewall Option

A firewall is an important part of the car and has significance in many functions. It separates the engine from the rest of the body, keeps the car cool and air-conditioned, and many other important functions. This is why, choosing a high-quality firewall is necessary, whether it is being bought to replace an old, worn out firewall or for a new customized car.


1957 Chevy Firewall

This firewall is basically the smoothie firewall for the Chevy 1957, brand new and an exact copy of the original Chevy firewall. The firewall has some very amazing features, all of them being perfect for the car’s functionality. This way, the car keeps on functioning amazingly, with no problems at all.


Check out the 1957 Chevy Convertible Steel Body Time Lapse 

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Features of 1957 Chevy Firewall:

  • This 1957 Chevy Firewall upgrade, factory installed, is available for any of the body skeletons which are of the 1957 model if you get it from Palm Beach Customs. This way, you can have it already assembled into the skeleton, and it is a lot of work which you will be saved from.


  • This firewall is an actual reproduction of the original Chevy Firewall, being the exact same except for a few, minor changes which have been made to the firewall. The rest of the firewall is the same, with the material improved to match the new, modern technology, improving the functionality of the firewall along with it too.


  • This firewall will be perfect for any other car in which it can fit, and it will also help in giving the car a very smooth and beautiful appearance.

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