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Chances are if you’ve looked into building yourself a hot tidy Camaro already – you’ve come to realize that sourcing a clean original Camaro body is quite a feat. Infact, its near impossible and even if you manage to get your hands on one, the odds it will be a rust bucket are pretty damn high. The amount of work that it takes to get the metal back into a decent workable state can set back your project months, if not years. However, there is a solution and very favorable one at that. Brand new Real Deal Steel steel bodies!

If you’re wondering if new steel shells can really be as good as the real thing then keep reading…


Start your build with a solid foundation.


Made in the USA


Applied with Corrosion Resistant Weld-Thru Primer


Manufactured using 16, 18 and 20 gauge Steel like originals


Components made of high strength stamping


One piece seamless Floor Pans


Full 1-pc Quarter Panels with integrated Door Jamb


Extreme care used to insure proper fit and alignment


25% more Spot Weld than originals


No Crating or Boxing fees


Each body receives Personalized Body Information Tag and a Real Deal Steel Body Number


Accepts All Aftermarket, Reproduction and Original Body, Trim, Frame and Mechanical Components


Palmbeachcustoms.com is a direct distributor for Real Deal Steel steel bodies. Real Deal Steel is the number one USA based manufacturer of high quality bodies. Each steel body is incrementally built using their own fixtures. With various areas having been reinforced with extra spot welds to ensure that rock hard strength that every chevy owner wants and deserves. You know it makes sense to opt for a Real Deal Steel Body compared to the cost for labor and parts that it takes to rebuild a rust bucket that will essentially only ever be a patched up body.  Give yourself the best platform to build your project on. Each body can be purchased in varying stages depending on your restoration capabilities. Hit us up.

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