This 1967 Camaro Non-RS Complete Front End Metal Sheet might be the perfect choice for your custom made car!

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1967 camaro coupe


Whether you are trying to recreate an old car, or trying to renew an old car that you own, it can always be hard to find car parts. This is because of how rare the parts are nowadays, and many have the passion to want to recreate the cars they used to love, the ones which will stand out. However, at the same time, everyone wishes for high quality parts, which is why it can be hard to find just the thing you need.

1967 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal package

1967 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal Package

A package containing a sufficient amount of parts can always help, though. Which is why, we at Palm Beach have motivated ourselves to present to you a package which contains the complete package of 1967 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal. This will cover the most of the front end of the car. Not only does this make the job far easier for you, but the parts included are all extremely high quality as well. This helps them to efficiently come up to your expectations.

1967 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal

This is basically a 1967 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal package of the complete front end metal sheet. The package includes several parts, including Top Cowl Grille, Core Support and Pair Fenders along with Extensions. The package includes several other things, such as Pair Fender Diagonal Braces, Hood, Pair Inner Fenders, Header Panel, Hood Latch Support, and Lower Valance.

1967 Camaro Non-RS front end Sheet Metal

All of these parts are made sure to be the highest quality, along with the quality of the steel. The steel used is 18 Gauge Steel, which comes from Auto Metal Direct. The reproductions are of steel, but as close to the parts of the 1967 Camaro as possible.

The parts are made sure to still have the grace, and the old vintage look of the older car, so that you can recreate the exact same thing. If anything, these parts are of a quality which might easily even surpass the original parts. This is why this probably the best choice if you have a custom made car in your mind, or just want to maintain your old one and want to make it look new again. Visit product page here.

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