This 1968 Mustang Fastback Steel Body will go Perfectly with Your Vintage Style!

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The 1968 model is amongst the many beautiful models of the Mustang, ones which seem to win almost everyone’s hearts. The Mustang is all you can wish for your car to be; comfortable, classically beautiful and strong. At that is exactly what you will achieve with our 1968 Mustang Fastback Steel Body.

However, because of how rare the older car models are, it can get difficult to restore your old Mustang or to build a customized, new one.

In either case, you will have to go out in the search for different body parts and will possibly have to go to a lot of stores, looking for them. This can be time-consuming, as well as costly, and then the quality of the materials in your restored car isn’t guaranteed either.

After collecting the parts, assembling is a great inconvenience too; which is the reason many people give up before even considering the entire restoration process.

However, the 1968 Mustang Fastback Steel Body is made completely for your convenience.



1968 Mustang Fastback Steel Body

This is a Fastback Steel Body for the Mustang from 1968, a beautifully shaped body with most of the parts pre-assembled so that it everything is held together and entirely fixed and you wouldn’t have to do much at all. This takes off a lot of the burden from your shoulders, as you can continue with the restoration process easily.


Check out this video showing a 65′-70′

Mustang restoration done here at PBC. 


Features of 1968 Mustang Fastback Steel Body:

  • The body includes doors, which have been fitted and hinged onto the body with the help of a very expert procedure. It has been made sure that everything is precise and to the point, and that there are absolutely no flaws in the assembly.
  • A deck lid is also installed into the car body so that the entire back is also made and assembled along with the car.
  • There is an export brace too so that there is something additional, and the more parts are actually included in the package, the less you’ll have to be running around in search for different body parts.
  • All of the materials used are high quality, and the steel with which they are made is also a very high-quality steel, which gives the impact of a nice, beautiful car and also makes the restored car stronger and more resistive.

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