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1969 CAMARO Original SS 396 4-Speed

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Car Sales, Restoration

1969 CAMARO  Original  SS 396 4-Speed  I had to Share this Barn find with my friends its not everyday we find a survivor in this shape ! It just makes you want to go out and burn some rubber 🙂

Can you imagine back in 1969 going to the dealer and saying yes give me one of those Yea the Muncie Stone crusher will do along with some 94 octane for 50Cents a Gallon ..I cant take it anymore Im going to stop writing for now Might come back to it later

Check it out its listed on Ebay right now at the bottom of the post you will see a link that will take you there !!


  • This is a very rare sought after Camaro and now is your chance to own one.
  • RARE Color Combo.
  • In Dash Clock
  • 7000 rpm tac
  • Original Console Gauges
  • VIN # 124379NOR619609
  • X22 code, is a real 1969 396 4-speed Camaro
  • Clear title
  • Trunk is soild with small amount of surface rust
  • Floor has been patched at the feet
  • Rear shock towers are solid
  • Rockers are solid as well as bottom of the door jams
  • Roof is fine no dents or dings.
  • Original 12 bolt rear

Original M21 Transmission

  • Car has dual exhaust mounts (standard on big block ss)
  • Original gas tank with return line still on the car (either a 396/350hp or 396/325hp car) not the L89
  • Complete Interior and is in great shape, Have door cards, and new seat covers.
  • Has the big block heater box

Z bar is 9 1/2 inches long (Standard on 396 big block car, small block z bar is 9 inch long)

Hood hinges have 28 springs (Standard on 1969 SS camaro)

  • Original front disc brakes (Standard on SS)

Original Tinted Glass Car

  • Burgundy w/ White Hockey Stripe
  • White Interior

White Vinyl top

  • Trim tag and vin tag still on car. Clean Title
  • Dog dish wheels

Have a New Gas tank and sending unit.

Has a 350 In right now, Car starts but will need a new carb

  • This is a project car.

I have a 1969 April Built 396/325hp replacement block and heads included

ST 69   12437  NOR294050BDY

TR      727                67      EPNT

03D                 X22

03= March, the month car was built.
D= Fourth week of the month.
12437= 2 door coupe body style.
NOR= Vehicle was assembled at the Norwood, Ohio assembly plant.
294050= Unique body sequence number assigned at the assembly plant.
727= Standard Ivory/Black bucket seat interior.
67 = Burgundy lower body paint color.
E = Parchment vinyl top, coupe. upper body color.
X22= Coupe or convertible with RPO Z21 Style Trim Group and SS396 engine option.

1969 CAMARO Original SS 396 4-Speed

1969 CAMARO  Original  SS 396 4-Speed  I had to Share this Barn find  Check it out Here

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