1969 Cobra Jet Mustang Assembly

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428 Cobra Jet Mustang

1969 Cobra Jet Mustang


This is a project that we have been on for about 6 months now.
We totally sandblasted the body and took it apart and set it on a car-o-liner or dedicated jig.
We did sheet metal work, quarters and skins. After all the bodywork is done, we sent all the parts through high-grade black primer, base coat, and clear coat.
We installed the front rail windshield, but we did the headliner first because it wraps around the edge of the body.
We also installed gaskets, which are glued in and actually roll over the edge which keeps the headliner looking nice and tight.
We did all new Detroit leaf springs and shackles.
Totally cleaned out the rear.
All new fluids, axels, back-end and full brake job with new cylinders, clips, shoes, drums, and springs.

You will see more pictures and words to this post as we move along with the restoration.

So keep checking it out and contact us for any info! 



Check out some photos of the restoration so far:


3:8ths stainless fuel line-resized
3/8ths stainless fuel line


9 inch rear brake job
9 inch rear brake job


9 inch rear housing
9 inch rear housing


9 inch ring and pinion
9-inch ring and pinion


10.2 brake drum
10.2 brake drum



428 original engine
428 original engine


1969 ford 428 cobra jet engine
1969 ford 428 cobra jet engine


mustang restoration


new fuel tank
new fuel tank


new stainless brake and fuel lines
new stainless brake and fuel lines


1969 Cobra Jet


Cobra Jet
Ring and pinion for the 9-inch Ford rear



428 cobra jet rear housing


cobra jet inner wheel well weld
Cobra Inner Wheel finished with welding




Update 6/11/18

We just got done re-building the 9-inch rear.


we opted for the stainless steel brake lines and fuel lines. The brake lines run right down the tunnel, with brand new factory clips.


we’ve got new Detroit speed made in USA Leaf Springs and we are going to refinish the brake drums. We also finished putting the 428 engine together.


Check out some updated photos: 













Stay posted as we will be updating this post every week until completion of the project!



We have done a few Tech Tip videos using this Cobra Jet, you can check them out HERE.


We hope you enjoyed the 1969 Cobra Jet Mustang Restoration.


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