1969 Don Aronow Maltese Magnum Marauder Boat Restoration

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Hello and thanks for stopping by anyone for this Boat Restoration peek at the Rare and Famous Maltese Magnum Marauder 16Back in the days of Thunder Boat Row Don Aronow Built 20 of these 16 ‘ Boats & Magnum Marine was his Third boat company

Formed on the famous street that he owner also called  Gasoline ALLY !

Before We Get Into the Boat Restoration…

The First Boat Company Don started was Formula Marine  where he Launched the Famous 233 Formula  and the Formula JR 17 ft On The very Bottom of the post I will put a few pictures of the Formula 233 and the Formula JR 🙂

Dons 2nd Company was Donzi Marine  we could go on and on about the boats That Don Aronow produced at Donzi – but that would make this blog post 5 miles long  !they are still producing the Famous Donzi Sweet 16 and its a Icon in the boating industry and that design was responsible for many of the Famous boats that have been produced  The Donzi Sweet 16 is one of my favorite Boats and I just finished a Full Boat Restoration on a 1968 sweet 16  .

Below you will see a Factory Picture that Magnum Marine used in the Print Adds ” pretty Cool “

 mag 16

  This Particular Boat I located On Lake Erie In Ohio I actually Flew out to Texas from  Fort Myers Florida Florida in Pursuit Of my Next Boat Restoration  !Some Call Me crazy But many call it Living your Dream and this I do Well 🙂  So I flew to Texas to pick up a f250 7.3 Diesel truck that I located there actually from Arizona Clean Truck !  And Drove thru Texas , Arkansas , Missouri , Kentucky , then into Ohio..cool trip even ended crossing the Mississippi RIVER ( LOVE SPELLING Mississippi ) – first big word we learned in school !


 You will see a few pictures of the boat as I picked it up Yes there she is a 1969 Magnum Marine Maltese Marauder !

note 🙂 the new tires and rims oh yea we aren’t going to have a break down on my 1350 mile trip back to Fort Myers Fl 


  •  Original Stickers on the Boat with I believe the original Trailer


 Yes some Boat Restorations Start off buy doing some landscaping


  •  Below you will see that I loaded the Boat onto a boat dolly making it much easier to work  and roll around 


  •  Most of the older Donzi’s and Magnums need some fiberglass repair this Magnum was very solid
  • but the dash area need some support ! Below is the new transom I fabricated out of marine ply 3/4
  • inch that I later sandwiched and fiberglass and resin to make a watertight seal before installation.  


  •  You will note a special temp-let I cut out of marine plywood and fitting it perfect  to create some structural support for the dash area


  •  Bellow I added some bow strength this is in rough stage once sanded and gel coated.
  • IT will look great and add the much needed strength h to the upper deck.
  • Another view of the underside of the bow /deck finish with the stringers attached to the Transom


  • This is the top deck after many hours of prep and blocking with the final coats of epoxy


  •  As you can see this was before I repaired the dash area
  •  What sleek lines this  1969 Magnum Marine Maltese Marauder !

New Transom marine ply 3/4 inch doubled sandwiched with glass and resin completely sealed


3/4 inch floor installed  resin on both sides cleaned and glassed all stringers installed floor with stainless screws

we cut out a stainless plate to install on the transom outside before the engine gets mounted 

Top deck ready for its final sanding and fitting

  • Fresh coat of white on the top deck 


  • This is a picture of the the deck and a side shot of the hull with the black and white colors as the original
  • this could very well be the photo  boat in the Magnum print add  it was originally black and white


  • Closer Look at the Spray On LINER on the trailer
  • Very durable 
  • many boats we spray with  sprayliner once we have all prep work done to the floors


This is just the beginning If you like what you see in this article of the 1969 Magnum Marine Maltese Marauder ! Boat Restoration




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