We did a complete front end rebuild on the 1969 Cobra Jet Mustang.

However, we are NOT done and have a lot left to do. This was a full restoration with an old steel body. We have been working on this for a few months now and have quite a few videos using the Cobra Jet. You can check them out in our Videos section or on our Youtube channel.

1969 Mustang Front-End Rebuild

What we installed were ALL NEW:

  • leaf springs
  • shock tower
  • braces
  • shocks
  • coil springs with pads
  • stainless fuel lines
  • brake lines
  • rotors
  • calipers
  • rubber lines
  • Lower and Upper A-frames
  • pumps
  • motor mounts
  • tranny mounts

Check out some photos of the completed front-end below:

complete brake job on 69 cobra jet

completed brake job





cobra jet steering pump

power steering pump


cobra jet mustang front end rebuild

1969 Mustang Front-End Rebuild

Big Block Engine: 

With the engine, we used all new OEM parts and rebuilt the engine to specifics.

1969 ford 428 cobra jet engine


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