The 1970 Challenger in our Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida

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Build your ’70 Dodge Challenger at our muscle car restoration shop in Florida



The introduction of Dodge Challenger was Chrysler’s response to the muscle car wars started with the Camaros and Mustangs.



The Second Generation of Challenger that was launched during ’69 – ’70 were meant to compete with the other luxurious muscle cars of the day – albeit a little late to the show.  With a long wheelbase at 110 inch, larger dimension, and luxurious interiors it was a bummer for its rivals.


The Challenger was available as a 2 door hardtop coupe or a 2 door convertible. In our store, we offer the 1970 Challenger Coupe Steel Body Replacements.


muscle car restoration shop in florida



The variation of engines ranged from a 198 cu (6 cylinder) to 440 cu (RB V8). In addition, it included Air condition and a Defogger. Over the years the Dodge Challenger sold over a 150,000 cars. In 1971 the Challenger also featured in the movie, Vanishing Point and the series Mannix (1973-74) which elevated its glamor at the top level.


classic and muscle car restoration shop in florida



The car has history participating in the Nationwide NASCAR series and also in other contests like the Trans Am.
If you are still looking to find a steel body or restore your own 1970 Challenger, you are at the right place.


Palm Beach Customs is the right choice as your muscle car restoration shop in Florida. We are here to provide you the dream ride right from where you want to begin.


Our work can be categorized in the following 3 Areas depending on your needs:
1.  Steel Body – These are for the DIY car hobbyists looking to build from a new steel body. All our Challenger body parts are MOPAR licensed and meets the factory specifications. The chassis packages also available in our store have been made with thick metal and with more weld spots thus providing not only the authenticity but assuring an enhanced quality.


2. Original Restoration – We’ve been restoring classic and muscle cars since the 80s so if you have a car that needs a little TLC we’d love to work with you.


3. Turn-Key Finished Product – Many do not have the time to build their own cars thus take that burden off you and do all the hard work to provide you full service and satisfaction within a short span of time. Give us the details of your ideas starting from chassis to paint and we will get them in shape for you. The finished product would be delivered right at your doorstep.



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classic and muscle car restoration shop in florida




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