1970 Chevelle Muscle Car Restoration Specialists in Florida

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Chevelle Muscle Car Restoration Specialists in Florida

Short History of the 1970 Chevelle

One of Chevrolets most successful nameplates, the Chevelle, was a medium sized car produced through the ’64 - ’78 model years. This car came in the four primary body shapes – Coupe, Sedan, Station Wagon and Convertible.


All of the shapes was manufactured as a 2 door/ 4 door variant. With the normal models, the SS or Super Sport versions were available throughout the ’73 model year.


The Laguna version progressed through ’73 – ’76 and after a short period, ‘El Camino’ was launched as a part of the Chevelle nameplate.



After ’78, the best in class Malibu succeeded this beauty for redesigned models. Such was the car’s appeal that leading magazines (Motor Trend, Speed and Supercar) found it groovy and a ‘Quiet Luxury’.


Its third generation models (Laguna) were even used in NASCAR races and with much success. The engine it sported was in between the 194 cu – 327 cu, with six cylinders and Small Block V8 pumping them.


A Big Block V8 of 396 cu was also produced. The Z16 version of this car was of the convertible frame and only limited number of such were manufactured. In year ’69 it was regarded as the most popular mid-sized car in USA.



1970 Chevelle Steel Bodies and Restorations at PBC

Palm Beach Customs are the premier muscle car restoration specialists in Florida. We know our cars like the back of our hands. Do you have a project in mind? Or you own a classic chassis? Fret not as we are the veterans in classic and muscle car restoration business since the ‘80s.


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To properly understand our offerings, the following packages are laid out for you:



  • Steel Bodies – We deal with premium steel bodies which are licensed by top manufacturers like Chrysler, Ford et al. In this case, our inventory can provide Chevelle steel bodies which are manufactured by GM or in short the Original product. Starting with a steel body would be a better option if expenses are limited. We can ship you the chosen product right at your doorstep on ordering.


  • Full Turn Key build – Along with muscle car and steel replacement bodies, we are a customs team. We can build your car from scratch while also adding all those details that you have in mind. If you are low on time then call us and order your custom build which would be delivered in no time.


  • Complete Restorations – If you have an original classic or muscle car in need of some TLC, Palm Beach is happy to help. See our Services



Assured Quality and Authentic products is what we offer along with that satisfaction we strive for. Palm Beach Customs has the best team which would take care all of your car woes and give you a cruising automobile.






Check out our website for the testimonials and videos which clearly show the work we do. We are dedicated professionals at your service.


You might also be interested in our Steel Body Services 




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