1973 Bronco Build

We’ve had this 1973 Bronco Build project in the shop for a while now and we are now doing the finishing touches.

As of right now, we are tiding up the wiring and the hood, then we will be bolting the seat in and adding black accents to the Bronco.


Check out John working on the hood below



The hood is going to have a black center to go with the other black accents on the Bronco.

We base coated and clear coated already after priming and sanding. We then ultra-fined and buffed the surface that is going to stay blue. We are going to put a black base on the raised part of the hood. Then we’re going to mix some Urethane with 35% flattener, making it 35/65, which will give it a satin shine and help with UV’s.

1973 Bronco hood custom

Bronco hood after being painted the blue, and before any black added.

73 bronco


1937 bronco hood build

priming and sanding area to be painted.


73 bronco build

the section to the RIGHT of both pieces of tape is what will be black.

1973 Bronco Build

We are painting some black flares on the rear portion of the Bronco, to give it some more black accents. The seats are blue and black and have diamond stitching in the seats with blue accents and blue welt moldings.

bronco customized seats


The Bronco has a 347 stroker with quick fuel carburetor. She runs great!

Check it out: 

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