1988 Burb Life 4×4 Suburban  

Truck 1988 Burb Life Now 30
Years Old that Has Been Reconditioned
(Only For Cool People) 

Burb Life

Brand New ENGINE 5.7  v8 ( 350 ci) 
 comes with 3-year unlimited mile warranty 
This Truck started out as a very clean Washington Truck with 140 k miles on it 1 owner 
The picture below is after we steamed Cleaned the underside & Chassis BEFORE  truck project was started. Very nice clean truck to start with all original sheet metal.
1988 suburban Before RESTORATION
I picked it up and did a nice restore on it
Done Right! & Gorgeous 
Two Tone Brown Metallic and gold
Factory Gm Colors for 1988 
1988 Burb Life
This is your chance for you to Get a Nice Suburban without having to dump a ton of time or money into it. 
You should be able to get this truck at a Fair price considering all the work and money that has gone into this Project 
This truck has a Brand New Engine with 3-year unlimited engine warranty 
Brand New Factor Oem Remanufactured 5.7 V8
You can read more about that below the Body section

1988 Burb Life


Body and Paint Work 
We did a Disassemble on the interior and installed new carpets and headliner 
The truck has full AC Including the back duel unit.
The body had factory coat on we stripped the roof and urethane primed and sealed before paint.
Hood was replaced underside was sprayed with brown base clear as well as fender edges.
The body was block sanded and the primed professional sealed entire truck was sprayed. 
Brown first then the gold base
( stripes are painted instead of tape ) 
Top coated 1.5 gallons with 
House Of Kolor Show clear
The body was very clean ZERO rust under door edges before the start 
doors were disassembled once the paint was completed we installed 6 full body to door weatherstrips 
We replaced all the inner door channels outer belt moldings and door lock – handle seals and new wheel well moldings as well as Bodyside Moldings

Below you will see 8 /body to door seals and a full set ( 6) doors inner channel runs belt moldings & door handle and lock seals


1988 Burb Life

Here is the List for mechanicals :
Brand New ENGINE 5.7  v8 ( 350 ci)  comes with 
3-year unlimited mile warranty 
Engine Has Brake in Hours on it only ( with Lucas zinc additive ) 
The engine needs the First oil change in 500 miles, save the receipt and all your oil change and services with your warranty paperwork 

YES, Nothing to worry about Here 


Would you like to Purchase This Truck? 

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350 CHEVY V8


You are getting a Fully rebuilt Brand New engine with 3-year unlimited mile warranty

Everything completed professionally and Neat






  • 30/over bore decked, dipped and line bored and new pistons cam
  • lifters. Full head Job, Timing chain, oil pump with screen and pick up 
  • Gm Factory Oil Pan, water pump, thermostat  as well as a 
  • New alternator & Battery 
  • Belts hoses
  • Tune up fuel filter, new 40 gallon Fuel Tank   
  • A fresh set of Rotors Drums and Brake Pads 
  • Trans service filter and fluids  
  • Differential service and fluid 
  • 4-inch Rugged Ridge Lift Kit 
  • 36 Gal Fuel Tank with fuel lines 
  • TIRES 4 Brand New GENERAL GRABER AT 33K 12.50  /50R 15 LT 
  • RIMS Factory Stock Refinished with New Hub Caps 
  • EXHAUST New  Life -Time 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust with Stainless Magna flow Mufflers 


Many People realize The Time and Money that goes into these projects especially when they have already done projects themselves 
  • $5500 for the buy and shipping 
  • $2000 for interior work 
  • $4500 for mechanical work & parts 
  • $6500 for paint 
  • $2000 for materials 
  • $1000 tires 
  • $575 exhaust 

This totals $21,575 

We Built this for the Right Client 
  • Not any cry Babies who would not appreciate a Good truck of this vintage This is a Mans truck –
  • They should go buy a New truck
  • and pull up their skirt 🙂 
Note truck is a Silverado we chose the Black and chrome lower molding instead of the full chrome.
 The custom deluxe emblems on the fenders are new we couldn’t locate new Silverado emblems and didn’t want to use old ones 🙂 
The interior is a 9.7 out of a 10 Very
“Needs new tunes and some dash up grades”
Respectable for 30 years old almost brand New Looking.
We Installed New Carpets & headliner Ready for the new owner to add their finishing touches 

Can you find A Suburban like this? 

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