The 1965-70 Mustang in Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida

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1969 mustang convertible muscle car restoration palm beach customs

Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida: The 1965-70 Mustangs at Palm Beach Customs


Freshly completed another  Classic and muscle car restoration in Florida a stylized vehicle bundled with great performance.

Here we bring you some pictures of the build process steps for our 1966 Mustang – Rotisserie Resto – Original Body
Matching #s 289 Fast Fuel Inj Engine 4 speed Budnick Rims
Stainless X pipe custom exhaust AC By vintage air .

Car Restoration in Florida Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida Here is a Side shot with the original soring Time Yellow color.

The iconic short deck sported a long hood and still wins hearts when it cruises down the street. Inspired by the Ford Falcon, the Mustang was originally introduced in two versions, the Hardtop and the Convertible. In ’64, a Fastback version was produced.



1965-70 Mustang in Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Florida

This term was brought on by the beloved Ford Mustang.

It was manufactured throughout the model years ’63 – 74. It was this car which shaped the upcoming American Muscle genre of cars.

Below the Restoration Process, we have the car at about 98% complete just adding the finishing touches to the interior.

Palm Beach Customs is the classic and muscle car restoration shop For Florida.The wheelbase of 108 in remained for some years while many changes were made in the start of ’65 model year as the upcoming models became hefty and powerful.The powertrain in this beast was available in the 170 cu – 289 cu segment with a 6 cylinder or V8 under the hood during the engine build we started out with the matching 289 v8  and heads along with crankshaft and dipped the engine for cleaning

while doing this we Bored the cylinder walls 30 over, and Line bored the crank journals with the crankshaft, turned to 10-10 on rods and mains ..of course, new Trw pistons and rods along with a complete Head Job.

1966 Ford 289 V8

he entire Engine was assembled with Lucas assembly lube below you can see the Timing marks on the timing gears so we are sure that we are on target when it is time to Fire .

Muscle Car Restoration

The client chose some new style valve covers that are nice and thick so we don’t have any movement on the base and the valve covers will stay sealed.

Muscle Car Restoration

Installed in the engine bay after we did all our plumbing.

we are installing Fast Fuel injection with the computer in the build

fast fuel injection


Short Tube headers for the build we should see a 20% increase in Horsepower and a good gain in fuel mileage as well with all the updated parts of the Build

mustang build in Florida

Final Product 289 fuel injected, Fast Fuel set up with Vintage air and March Pulleys. March Performance  is located In Naples Florida very convenient for us and our Dealer is Summit Racing

1966 convertible mustang

Installing the custom bent Stainless exhaust

high quality muscle cars

Here we are  installing all new tack strips for the  top frame along with all new rubber seals we find the center-line before we start top installation

restoring classic and muscle cars

Back Seats

final steps on the restoration project

New dash we ran a brand new wiring harness with vintage air the car came with 4 speed and console

Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida...

The body is an original Henery steel body we sandblasted on the rotisserie and welded in all new quarters along with inner wheel tubs and metal worked and primed with the best primers on the market.Once the body was in full prime and all shetmetal lines were fit for paint and use 1 full case of 3 m 2 part seam sealers, much better than Ford motor company did back in 1966.

mustang steel body Car-o-liner unibody rack we use to ensure the restorations are built to factory specifications with 3d measuring to ensure Datum, transom &centerline are Dead Nutz.

Car-o-liner unibody rack

After a number of convertibles and hardtops, the designers presented the first concept car, Shelby GT which was an instant hit.

With an ever increasing cult status the ’68 Ford Mustang was even featured in the movie, Bullitt, starring Steve McQueen.

In the ’69 model, the width and height were increased and quad lamps were introduced. The 428 cu was bundled with a Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet V8, which made the performance enviable. Ford even made some special editions like the Twister Specials and the 429 super cobra


In Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida…

Palm Beach Customs is the classic and muscle car restoration shop in Florida.

Nobody knows American muscle the way we do, we are car enthusiasts. Being veterans in this business, we have been building and repairing cars since the ‘80s. So, if that age-old project has been in your mind or that hot rod dream doesn’t let you sleep, Palm Beach is here to save the day.

PBC will offer you the best team to tend to each and every one of your car woes. Our work can be better understood by the compact packages we offer:

Steel Bodies – Planning the car project from scratch is a better option than buying an already owned machine. We can provide you all the materials to get you started on that dream of yours. Given the huge fan-base of the Mustang, you can easily find the ’65 – ‘66 or the ’70 chassis with the deck lid, doors, and convertible frame.


Full Restorations  – Have an original classic or muscle car? We are your go to restoration specialists. See more of our services 

Turn Key Product – Not all people can get down to building a car on their own. So, for those who are short on time, just order the complete build and you will be cruising down the block in no time.

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Classic and muscle car restoration in Florida

Ready to start your own classic or muscle car restoration with us at Palm Beach Customs? We’d love to hear from you – Get in touch 









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