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Having completed over 1,000 full restorations since the beginning, PBCs primary focus now is the classic and muscle car restorations because that’s what we love!

My team and I do all aspects of major restoration work so that we can oversee every step of the restoration process and ensure the quality of our work. We are ASE& I-CAR certified specialist in Unibody & Full Frame.

When restoring the Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers maintaining the geometry is very important…

Many years invested in the collision industry and learning first on The Kansas Jack Laser Measuring system and then upgrading to Cheif E-Z Liner with Velocity computerized measuring.

You get a very good understanding of how to build cars doing all of that!


Classic Car Restoration Services

Muscle Car Restoration Services

Steel Bodies and Custom Builds



This is just a little taste of the work we do at Palm Beach Customs….

If you are interested in restoring your classic car or your muscle car, we’d love to work with you.


We also offer brand new steel replacement bodies and the parts geared towards the cars that we love (and restore).

We offer the new, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Mopar licensed steel bodies.

You can choose from tri-five Chevys, ’67 – ’69 Cameros, the ’40 Ford Coupe, and Novas (manufactured by Real Deal Steel)

Licensed Mustangs, Chevelles, Camaro Convertible, and ‘47-‘57 Chevy trucks from Dynacorn

Jeep CJ-7 licensed bodies/tubs from Omix-Ada

New custom chassis and suspension made by Art Morrison

Stage 1 Build Your Own Steel Body Option

Read more about the Steel Bodies and the services we offer if you’re interested.

We are much more than a dealer though. When I saw the steel bodies available I knew that Palm Beach Customs could offer something to our customer base that virtually no one else can…

Here is a before and after of a 1940 Ford, we restored for a great client of ours, Ted.

You can pick out a steel body and we can customize it to what you desire. There are 3 Stages to choose from:

No customization – You just order your steel body from the site and it ships to you.

Custom paint – We will paint and prep your steel body in a color of your choice before shipping it to you. With this option, we will bring the steel body to our shop for free. You just pay for the final delivery!

Full Build – This is the ultimate stage. We will work with you to fully build your dream car and drop it off (free delivery) right to your doorstep.

Learn more about what we offer for steel bodies >>> Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3.

Whether you have an existing car that you might want fully restored by us (see some of our work here) or you want us to build a brand new steel body with new chassis (see here)….

Palm Beach Customs is the place for you.

Get in touch!


Here is a little bit of the back story of how I got into the classic car business – Totally in another direction than what I went to school for, which was carpentry.

It first started out growing up on a large chicken farm where I gravitated towards maintenance and repairs of all the trucks, tractors, and heavy equipment. Here’s an old picture of me on the farm…

Anyway, when I was young, I decided to build my first ’57 Chevy. I had that baby all completed at 14 years old with a 327 Maloden Block and Muncie Stonecrusher. (These were the days before you could go and mail order anything – you actually had to build them from scratch)

But back to the story…

So I decided to drive that car to school at 14 years old. It would have worked out just fine had I just idled it in there and parked it next to everyone else.

But of course, I could not do that.

I entered with a cloud of smoke and just 3 class-periods later …… my car exited with my Dad behind the wheel.

Back in the Day

Well, long story short that’s when Palm Beach Customs was first started!

By the time I graduated high school, 15 Tri-5 Chevys had passed through my hands as well as a few big-block Chevelles and Camaros. Two of my high school buddies started working with me and I landed the contract to paint all the school buses for Galloway School Lines in Chariho-Exeter, R.I.

This was the beginning of my career and I was building hot-rods by night and doing school buses by day.

And it turns out that Don Galloway of Galloway School Lines had a big passion for classic cars. I ended up restoring many for him, most of the Fords. He was a big Ford guy. But after a 6-7 year relationship and seeing the cars we were restoring…

He came by the shop one day and he was driving a 57 Chevy.

My heart dropped.

He smiled.

And he asked me to paint that car.

It didn’t even need a full restoration – it was that nice!

There was a god – I converted him.

My original location – for 29 years – was in Charlestown, R.I. and it was a former Mobil gas-station and Kaiser-Fraiser-Nash dealership – not far from the Charlestown Airbase where President George W Bush ‘41 used to train out of….

In 2010 I had enough with the New England weather and I bought a vacation home in Venice, FL. From then on, I knew there was a better way than staying up in the cold!

I acted upon the lure of warm weather and no snow, ending up in Ocala, FL – about 8 miles from Don Galette’s Drag-Racing Museum off Rt 75.

Now, we’re enjoying the beautiful weather here along with the 12 months that you can enjoy your classic cars and hot rods.

We had 6 departments in all: Classic car restorations, Collision work, Towing, Graphics and Lettering (commercial fleets), Spray-on bed liners, and the Sandblasting division.

The shop did extremely well with over 15,000 insurance claims, 2,500 commercial lettering and graphics projects, & massive amounts of restorations.

classic and muscle car restoration shop in florida
The reason I was able to be successful in all of this at once was from growing up in my family’s business.

We had a USDA Chicken processing plant as well as an egg division – that was called Chickadee Farms. In that business, at an early age, I was trained in production and quality. It was a simple process if you followed it. I was able to implement staying organized and productive without thinking into my restoration business.

The farm is also where I was able to gain experience in MIG and TIG welding because most everything in the production plant had to be aluminum or stainless to meet USDA code. I was one of the first shops back in the 80s to have a MIG welder in a body shop.

And that is pretty much all she wrote! We might be located in Florida now, but we are happy to serve customers in the United States and worldwide.

Contact us with any questions or if you’re interested in working with us to restore a classic or muscle car or if you are interested in the steel bodies we offer.


Johnny & the PBC Crew



Mechanical $95.00 per hour

Body & Paint $95.00 per hour

Upholstery $95.00 per hour

Fabrication $95.00 per hour


Billing is done on a weekly basis for all parts, labor, and services rendered for projects that extend beyond 30 days, and due within 10 days

Invoices not paid by the billing date, the 1st, of the following month will result in a work stoppage until paid.

Invoices may be paid in US fund by personal check, certified funds, wire transfers, PayPal, or cash.


It is impossible to estimate the exact cost of a restoration at the beginning of a job. A general figure, a high and low, can be given based on previous jobs that were similar. Restorations are performed as economically as possible without compromising the finished quality.


Each customer provides his or her own insurance to cover the market value of the car. Proof of that needs to be supplied at the time a car is delivered.


Stage 1 (steel body only) orders or parts only orders can be ordered right off the website. Happy shopping!

Because of the nature of Stage 2 and Stage 3, all orders must be finalized with Palm Beach Customs directly after filling out the initial order form provided on our site here (need to create order this form). Talking to us directly helps us to better design your car. This is also to ensure that you, the client, understands fully what is required for custom paint or build an order and, more importantly, to ensure that you get to see your dream car become reality. Feel free to send us an email ([email protected]) to get started or call us directly (239) 281-6754


Because of the individualization that goes into each Stage 2 or 3 order, we cannot provide a set list of fees until we discuss with you what you would like to have completed.


Steel bodies with no additional customization (Stage 1) and all other parts are shipped through FedEx Express/Ground or Truck Freight. For international orders, we are happy to ship directly to your shipping consolidator, agent or border representative. Palm Beach Customs does not ship to PO BOX addresses. Please contact us if you have any other questions or would like to speak to us directly about shipping for these orders.

For Shipping on Stage 2 (paint only) steel bodies Palm Beach Customs will pick up your order or have it delivered to the shop – depending on the manufacturer – for free. Delivery to the customer will be at the customer’s expense once the steel body is ready to leave the shop. We are more than happy to help you find a reputable shipper, so give us a call if you have any questions before and after ordering a Stage 2 steel body.

On Stage 3 (full builds) orders Palm Beach Customs is more than happy to provide free pick-up of steel body and delivery of complete builds to all customers who are creating their dream car with us. For Florida residents, we will personally deliver your car right to your driveway!


Due to the expense of shipping such a heavy item, the return shipping fees will be the customer’s responsibility.

For Real Deal Steel (Tri5 Chevy, Camaro Coupe, 40 Ford, Chevy II/Nova) and Art Morrison Chassis

We only accept returned items in their original or as-new state with the packaging included. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee from the manufacturer.

For Dynacorn (70 Chevelle, 70 Challenger, 67-60 Camaro Convertible, 65-66 Mustang, 47-57 Chevy Truck) and Omix-Ada (Jeeps) no returns are accepted.

Any items which have been customized for you (primed, painted or cut) cannot be returned. For Palm Beach Customs customers, this means that no Stage 2 or Stage 3 car can be returned once a project is started or completed.

Be sure to understand exactly what you are purchasing before you make the purchase. Go over to our FAQ Page for more information.

All of their complete body shells are officially licensed by General Motors (Chevy & Camaro) and Ford Motor Company (1940 coupe).

“All Real Deal Steel (RDS) bodies are assembled on a rotating platform using precise in-car fixtures for the best fit every time. They now have three identically equipped assembly stations in an effort to keep up with demand for the steel bodies. Station #1 is dedicated to assembly of 1955-57 Chevy and 1940 Ford Coupe bodies. Station #2 assembles nothing but 1967, 1968 and 1969 Camaro bodies. Station #3 is dedicated to the “new” 1966-67 Chevy II bodies and also provides a R&D area for future body makes and styles. While other assemblers use a measuring tape and a MIG welder (much like you would do at home in your garage), Real Deal Steel utilizes factory production equipment to build the best possible products for our customers.

All RDS bodies are assembled using water-cooled automobile factory resistance spot welders just like GM and Ford used to assemble the originals. Lesser assemblers use a standard wire-fed MIG welder along with a small Pro-Spot spot welder.

All RDS bodies, even if ordered without doors and a trunk lid, are painstakingly test-fitted with doors and a trunk lid to be certain that all panels fit properly when the customer receives the order. In addition to fixturing, RDS test fits the windshield and backglass (closed cars only) to make certain the end user will not have glass fitment issues. Additional fitting and bodywork (including seam filling) will be necessary by the end user but “moving metal around” will be unnecessary or minor at most.

RDS received factory-direct training on the proper assembly procedures and techniques needed to properly assembly new car bodies. They have a continuing education program with their supporting factory to keep abreast of all changes and improvements in the process. RDS is direct with and endorsed by the steel body components manufacturer and imports full 40′ containers of components to our plant in Sanford.

RDS has manufactured and sold over 250 1955-57 Chevy bodies and skeletons, 1940 Ford coupe bodies and 1967-69 Camaro bodies since we incorporated in 2011. RDS is also now manufacturing the Nova II. RDS ONLY builds new bodies and supplies parts”

– and that’s where Palm Beach Customs comes in!

Read below to learn more about the Dynacorn steel bodies that you can purchase through us on our site or by giving us a call.

“Our replacement body shells are a licensed restoration part completely assembled from the firewall to the tail lamp panel and from the frame rails to the windshield frame.

Our body shells includes most of the structural parts, brackets and braces welded in place, plus doors and deck lid already assembled. Very little body work or adjustments are required and the hard part will be deciding on interior colors and keeping track of which bolt goes where.

Just think; no more cutting and welding in floor pans, no more trying to locate replacements for rusted out braces or struggling to make the wheelhouse line up to the trunk pan and the quarter panel. All the hard work is already done. New firewall (with or without factory air conditioning) to tail lamp panel; fitted, assembled and welded. How many hours (or weeks) does that save you? That’s what makes this shell so cool.

The body shells are not completely ready to be finished, they are as close as you can get not being assembled or built on an assembly line, there will still be some fitting and working to make everything line up. Just the same; as if you were working with a 40 year old body shell.

The steel used in our body shell program is 1006 universal automotive grade steel coated with special Galvanization to protect against rust.. In most cases the gauge will be thicker than that of the original.

Increased amounts of CO2 have been used during welding that tightens the tolerances and helps to reduce road noise. All replacement parts have been increased in thickness to accommodate a stiffer better replacement body shell. Increased thickness, better tolerances, use of more CO2 in welding gives you a product that is unequaled in the restoration parts industry.

The steel possesses fewer additives allowing it to be a bit more flexible and workable than the original.

From design to production to packaging and sales…Dynacorn Classic Bodies provide complete service to insure we control the quality leaving our facility. We know what our customers want and need and the quality they demand.” (from the Dynacorn website)

Jeeps have a special place at Palm Beach Customs when Jamie, John’s daughter, asked for a Jeep when she was 10-years old. At 13 she owned her first 1983 CJ-7 Jeep that gave the shop the “jeep bug”. Read below to learn more about where we get our Jeep bodies and parts for builds and restoration projects.

“Omix-Ada is the world’s largest independent manufacturer and wholesale-only company with a full line of Jeep parts and accessories. With almost 20,000 Jeep parts in stock and a retail value close to $100 million, Omix-ADA is behind almost all known Jeep parts retailers and warehouse distributors in the USA and almost 100 countries worldwide. Leading Jeep parts retailers and warehouse distributors like Quadratec, 4WD Hardware, JC Whitney, 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Morris 4×4 and Keystone Automotive are all Omix-ADA, Rugged Ridge, and Alloy USA distributors. In recent years companies like Amazon, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Summit Racing have realized the potential of partnering with Omix-ADA. Moreover, Omix-ADA is the top business partner of these companies as well as about 500 other Jeep parts retailers, warehouse distributors, installers, and Internet merchandisers in the USA and around the globe.

The owner and founder of Omix-ADA has been immersed in the Jeep industry from childhood. His family owned a small Jeep dealership, and it was there, under his father’s wing, that he learned the lessons essential for running a successful Jeep business. The American dream of building his own Jeep parts and accessories company finally became a reality in 1992.

Over the years Omix-ADA has expanded the business by adding and building brands like Rugged Ridge, Alloy USA, Precision Gear, and Outland Automotive. By continuously investing in new products and product lines, Omix-ADA is able to service the Jeep enthusiast market covering from 1941 to the most recent models.

We keep the Jeep passion thriving by making sure that products for Jeeps are available, accessible, affordable, desirable, exciting, and functional for the entire spectrum of “The Jeep Thing.” Jeep is more than a vehicle; it’s a multi-generational icon that elicits a passion in those who slide behind the wheel.” (Taken from Omix-Ada website)

Curious about the chassis you can buy through us at Palm Beach Customs? Read below to learn more about why you should choose a chassis manufactured by Art Morrison. We wouldn’t use anything less than the best with your restorations and customs builds.

“Forty-five years ago Art Morrison Enterprises was started, building cars for local drag racers. Teaming up with some of the great car builders we have been able to be part of some spectacular builds and it is a constant inspiration for us to see these cars when they are finished. New technology us to engineer new chassis more quickly, build better chassis and ultimately letting.

Over this time, technology has allowed us to do a better job building chassis and in a more efficient manner as well. The latest piece of technology to help us do this is a 3D laser scanner. This phenomenal device projects a laser grid onto a vehicle body and lets us quickly and accurately gather the sheet-metal dimensions. By dimensioning the body, rather than the chassis, we can more accurately design the chassis to take advantage of the wasted spaces that are usually found under the floor. Scanning also lets us check engine fitment, hood clearance and wheel well dimensions without having to actually place components into an actual vehicle. With the portability of this scanning system, we also have the ability to travel to locations outside of Art Morrison Enterprises and scan vehicles in the field. Expect some great updates regarding scanned projects later this year.

This new laser scanning device is letting us work on reverse engineering a couple of chassis products that have been heavily requested: the 1955-1959 Chevrolet truck and the 1953-1956 Ford F100. The similarities between these two chassis are amazing and we will be able to address both truck frames on the same jig table. Utilizing the same suspension architecture as our ’47-’53 Chevy truck chassis, the performance and ride qualities should be spectacular. With the majority of the dimensioning already completed, you can expect that we will be able to offer these for sale late spring of 2016.

We have also invested in creating new jigs this year, everything from a new state of the art rear end housing jig to welding tables and new chassis assembly tables. These new tables and jigs will help our manufacturing and shipping departments make an already great product even better with a level of quality that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The last few years, we have experienced growth on an unprecedented level. 2014 was a record setting year and we smashed that record in 2015! While we are selling more than we ever have in our 45 years of business, we are also more efficient and building more as well. With these investments in technology and fabrication resources, our talented team are able to keep up with the massive amounts that we need to produce. Lead times are coming down and we look forward to shortening them even further. With all parts of our business, we are examining ways to be more efficient and to be able to ship our chassis to you in a more timely fashion.

Our Multilink IRS has been a tremendous success with a lot of customers opting for this exceptional rear suspension. Although this is a brand new item for us, it hasn’t kept our engineers from making tweaks so it can be available for more applications. In addition to our original cradle design, we also have a “compact” version that will fit in a variety of applications without having to modify the stock floor pan. Taking advantage of GM’s 5th Gen Camaro New 1953-1956 Ford F100 Chassis differential, this latest rendition of our IRS is compact, lighter weight and perfect for smaller vehicles. For cars that have higher horsepower engines and have a seating position that is close to the rear axle, we have also created a cradle that is 7″ shorter in overall length than our standard cradle. This will be perfect for the Midyear Corvette, 2nd Gen Camaro and other similar body styles.

As we enter our 45th year of business we take pride in providing you with the best chassis components this market has to offer.” (Taken from the Art Morrison website)