Who is Your Go-to for Steel Bodies & Classic Car Restoration in Florida? (PBC – duh)

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1969 mustang convertible muscle car restoration palm beach customs

Steel Bodies and Classic Car Restoration in Florida with Palm Beach Customs


It's probably pretty obvious if you've looked at our site, that we are first and foremost your go-to for anything to do with muscle or classic car restoration in Florida.




But we also have a few more tricks up our sleeves (after 34 years you would hope so, right?). Palm Beach Customs also offers new replacement steel bodies and sheet metal for select classic and muscle cars.



These are the Tri-Five Chevy, 47-57 Chevy Trucks, 67-69 Camaro, 70 Chevelle and Challenger, 66-67 Nova, 65-70 Mustang, CJ-7 Jeep, and Art Morrison chassis.



The steel bodies are made by a Florida company and all the steel bodies are licensed by GM, Ford, Chrysler, or Mopar. We only work with reliable manufacturers so we can safely say that we sell and use products of excellent quality.



Learn More About Our Steel Body Services


Palm Beach Customs offer something truly unique to our steel body customers!

When you purchase a steel body from us, you have 3 options to choose from:


  • Bare Bones - Steel Body Only Option

This is for our customers who want to build from the bottom up themselves.

Mustang steel body resoration


  • Custom Paint from Palm Beach Customs

This second option allows our customers to get their steel body with a paint color of their choice. We use high-quality epoxy primers, base coats, and high-solid clears. This also includes a 3-stage wet sand and buff before delivery.

  • Turn-Key Build

This option offers our clients a complete build where we work with you to bring your dream car to life. We do the engine, interior, chassis.... everything to make your steel body to life. See a turn key build for a Tri-Five here



mustang restoration hood and trunk


1969 fastback mustang muscle car restoration palm beach customs


1969 fastback mustang muscle car restoration palm beach customs



See our Restoration work over here or even better - get in touch with us to start your classic car restoration in Florida


Tri Five Chevys Palm Beach Customs: Classic and Muscle Car Restoration in Ocala

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262. Tri 5 Chevrolet Steel Bodies, Parts, and Services in Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

Tri-Five Chevys – Steel Bodies, Turn-key Builds, and Restorations in Ocala Florida



Palm Beach Customs is a classic and muscle car restoration shop in Palm Beach, Florida, with a special focus on Tri-Five Chevrolets.


Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Tri-5 Chevy




We also offer brand new classic and muscle car steel bodies:


1940 Ford Coupes 

1967-69 Camaro

1966-68 Chevy II/Nova

1970 Chevelle 

1970 Challenger

1965-70 Mustang

1947-57 Chevy Truck

CJ-7 Jeeps


We have plenty of experience with classic cars, we have restored and built thousands of them. We have been building custom classic cars since 1980. So feel free to check out the website and if there’s anything we can help you with, feel free to contact us.



Tri-five Chevy Steel Body Restoration



We offer a variety of brand new car parts for classic cars, built by a Florida firm, Real Deal Steel. We have the classic car and muscle car steel bodies for Tri-Five Chevrolet, 1967, 1968, and 1969 models of Camaro, Mustang of 1967, 1968, and 1969, as well as the 1940 model of Ford Coupe.





GM Certified Camaro Steel Body Restoration



Whatever classic car you have, you may worry about replacing car parts. You do not have to look for rare parts any longer. We already have what you are looking for. We have licensed General Motors, Ford, and Mopar steel bodies from reliable manufacturers, and we use high-quality car parts.







If you want to build your classic automobile, we will do it step by step. You design your car, we build it from the car parts and sheet metal you select from our store.





We offer extras, like body fabs, chassis work, wheel tubs, and custom paint for your beautiful automobile.



Take a Look at our Restoration Services 


Muscle Car Restorations


Classic Car Restorations


Steel Bodies for Classic Cars 







Palm Beach Customs – Classic Car Restoration Shop in Florida

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Palm Beach Customs is a Florida car restoration business where we sell classic and muscle car steel bodies and new sheetmetal along with state of the art chassis and accessories. You can check out our store on the homepage.  We also as perform full frame-off restorations on original cars.  We have 34 years of providing a high quality service to the automotive world. Wether you’re looking for a brand new steel body and chassis and drive line combination or just restoring your old ride. Get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to talk to you about it.



We focus on the Tri Five Chevy models from 1955, 1956, and 1957. Those who adore and admire classic automobiles should check out Palm Beach Customs. Whatever you wish, whether it’s a full restoration for your orginal classic or muscle car or  if you nee some updating replacing specific parts for your car, or getting a custom car built, we are there for our clients.



classic car restoration ft myers

We work with a local Florida manufacturer who builds our steel bodies and other USA made chassis manufacturers; we only work with professional manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for brand new parts or rare and special car parts for classic automobiles. We have over 2,000 orginal cars out west.


classic car restoration shop in florida




Whatever you seek for, a steel replacement body, a frame, a door, a convertible top, an engine compartment, everything is there, in one place. If you need only one car part for an already existing automobile, you can buy it at Palm Beach Customs.




1940 Ford Steel Bodies



Palm Beach Customs staff can build a custom car for you, the way you imagine your dream car. You tell us what you want, and we put your ideas into practice. At Palm Beach Customs, you will find a wide range of car body options.




We offer some specialties like custom paints and front-end sheet metal packages.




Take a look at our classic and muscle car restorations in florida

1941 Lincoln Zephyr: Inside Palm Beach Customs Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida

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Full restoration of a 1941 Lincoln Zepher Lee County, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, SWFL.

Some cars you never forget. In today’s post we are going to show you 2 of the cars the team at Palm Beach Customs will never stop talking about… The 1941 Lincoln Zephyrs that we restored the body and paint on – one blue metallic & the other maroon.



Still Talking About These Lincoln Zehpyrs in our Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida


A little known fact, Raymond Loewy redesigned the 1941 Lincoln Zephyrs to be the beautiful cars they are. So when Craig Watjen, part-owner of the Seattle Mariners in the 1990s came to us to do full body and paint work on his maroon 41 Lincoln Zephyr Cabriolet we could not say no.



As a matter of fact, Craig was the type of guy that wore blue jeans and a flannel shirt – you know the type of guy that you can totally have a cool conversation with despite being a multi-millionaire. When I went over everything we did with the maroon cabriolet he immediately told me about his rust free 41 Lincoln 3-window coupe. To find one of those is rarer than finding hen’s teeth. So we ended up doing the body and paint.





Some of you might not know this, but Craig Watjen grew up in Pawtucket, R.I. going to Harvard. He played in the Boston Symphony Orchestra on occasion but gave up music to move to California to attend Standford’s business graduate program.


While there he met Bill Gates and became an early stockholder of Microsoft. As an early Microsoft stockholder, Watjen was a wealthy man when he retired as assistant head of the company’s treasury department in 1990. He invested in restoring old Ford’s and Lincoln’s – he had quite the collection – supporting music, cancer research, and become a minor owner of the Seattle Mariners.




Unfortunately, he passed away from prostate cancer, but his cars and good works will live on with the people he worked with.





See the Blue 1941 Lincoln Zeypher Being Painted in Our Classic Car Restoration Shop Florida…



Back in the day most cars were black and gray. They didn't really  have too many cool colors. But that light blue metallic was really sharp as well the maroon.



Check Out the Maroon 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Cabriolet Custom Paint and Restoration...



This maroon cabriolet had a tan leather hide from Europe for interior. Just the leather for that interior cost $12,000.




My friends over at Narragansett Wiring, Ed Pease, at one time ran Narragansett Restoration and they were up by the University of Rhode Island. He was an award winning restoration shop back in the 60s and 70s.

I got to be friends with him and started learning when I was very young with those guys. they specialized in original OEM wiring harness design and manufacturing.


We used to go to the car shows in Carlisle, PA, park next to all the big vendors like Lynn Steel (they made all the injection molds and produced all the after market rubber and weatherstripping) as well as Dennis Carpenter, who was good friends with us. Carpenter's Restoration Parts produces Ford aftermarket sheet metal and restoration parts.



Full restoration of a 1941 Lincoln Zepher Lee County, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, SWFL.
Braided, original OEM style wiring

They had the old 1918 braiding machines that they would run the wire through the machine. It would be color coated and they would run the wiring through a lacquer tower that would coat it with clear lacquer. That would preserve the cloth-coating.

The new harnesses they built using the new modern plastic coated wiring and then run it through the braiding machine so it was much better than the original cloth-coating alone.



If you are looking for a factory wiring harness, the best made in the USA definitely give Narragansett Wiring a call. This is not to be compared Painless Wiring Harnesses - the harnesses built by Narragansett Wiring are for when you're restoring a half-a million dollar car - these harnesses are made to factory original specs.



So there is the story behind 2 of the classic cars we can't stop talking about on Palm Beach Customs.

Doing the body and paint work on two of Craig Watjen's 1941 Lincoln Zephyrs was an amazing opportunity. Hope you liked hearing about it!



As always, we appreciate you stopping by and taking time to read our post. If you have a minute, please like, comment, or share this post with someone who would enjoy it!

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    Restoring classic cars is how we started at Palm Beach Customs way back in the day. John Russo has been working on classic cars since he was 14 years old – starting with the Tri-5 Chevys and now we do our classic car restorations in Florida (there’s no snow here – we love it!)

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    1961 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce

    One of our favorites to come through the Palm Beach Customs classic and muscle car restoration shop florida – Check out this 1961 Rolls Royce that we were able to work on – giving it a high-end custom paint and TLC.








Want to work with us on your restoration project?



Get in Touch with Us

Courtney Hansen’s New You Tube Channel

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Hello Car Lovers
This Is John Russo and I thought all of My Fans at PalmBeachCustoms would first off appreciate me sharing with you…
Courtney Hansen’s New You Tube Channel
I think Courtney really Helps Keep the cool cars of the Good ole days in the Eye of the Car lovers
she really adds Value to our industry .
Not to mention The video below is well down right exciting 🙂
It would be a personal Favor to me if you would take the time to Visit her site …
Like it and Share the love .
special message from Courtney 
I’m excited to be launching a new YouTube channel where every week I will be posting brand new, personal videos shot during my travel adventures & at car shows, races & automotive events across the world.
I talk with friends & celebs from the auto industry & feature the most amazing rides I can find in every city, like Steve McQueen’s 1956 Jaguar, pictured here.
I think you will enjoy them! Please click this link & check out my new channel. Thanks for your support! Xx
Please subscribe to Courtney’s =>You Tube Here 
Check Out this Cool Video where she was at the Peterson Museum checking out
Steve Mcqueens Jaguar.. what a piece of automotive History

Awesome , Im sure you enjoyed that Check out Courtney’s Website here 

Get More Restoration Info




New Tee Shirt Design

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Here’s The New Tee Shirt Design for the Boys & Girls at The Beach ..The Palm Beach Customs ..Lol 

 New Tee Shirt Design : PalmBeachCustomsNomadShirtBackPROOF



PalmBeachCustomsNomadShirtPROOF (1)

Down Draft Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room

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Custom Paint at palm beach customs classic and muscle car restoration in florida


 Down Draft Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room

This is my last spray booth install its a 28 ft by 14 ft Down Draft Bake Booth with 3 ” walls  it will ramp up to 165 degrees with a 1.5 million direct fired gas heater you can really speed up the drying cycle .Normally we paint @ 80 degrees and with a variable speed Freak drive on the exhaust side you are able to adjust the flow of air movement as the filters get dirty on the exhaust side the operator can speed up the motor allowing for positive pressure at all times to keep dust from entering the booth .


  •  This was in the build stage we were installing the tile floors for easy clean up and dust free paint jobs





  • Below you can see the filter rack in the booth ceiling before the Spray booth filters were installed .
  • Note we poured concrete pad  for this booth 6 inches above grade to prevent water in the shop from rusting out the booth BOOTH 10
  •  The side walls just set in and clip together what a nice clean finish as you can see
  •  We built a 30ft long  paint mixing room with Tile floors so the painter was in a clean room to enter the booth during spray operation

  •  Here is another peek  of the  inside of the paint room where the painter has a bench to pre- mix for his job


 This was the far best investment I made for the booth its called a Chisum  air bag lift for painting it operates with a airbag so its safe for the spray booth environment it made painting full paint jobs a pleasure

As you can see here look how nice it is to tape off a cal and do the final prep procedures before paint


below is a picture of the lift its stands as high as 1/2 a coke can and rolls around with a T handle  

hope you enjoyed the post on Down Draft Paint Booth and Paint Mixing Room

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muscle car restoration shop in Florida

Check out the new Cigarette SMOKIN’ magazine

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Cigarette SMOKIN’ magazine yet!

Here’s your opportunity. All we ask is no drooling (at least on the magazine).


Which legend will be on your Christmas list this year?

Check out the new Cigarette SMOKIN’ magazine



see more @ PalmBeachCustoms.com


Palm Beach Customs is Your ASE & I-Car Certified Restoration Shop in SWFL

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Classic and Muscle car restoration shop in ocala florida

You Can Trust Palm Beach Customs, ASE & I-Car Certified Restoration Shop in SWFL


Your car is your life on the road.


Up-to-standard repair work of your vehicle is literally a life-saver. This is why the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers training programs for collision repair technicians.



Palm Beach Customs in Ft Myers is a ASE Certified Repair Shop, because John Russo, the owner and head technician holds the ASE Collision Repair Technician certification.


ASE Licensed Repair Shop in Florida




Reflex Spray on bed liner in florida


licensed classic and muscle car restoration shop in SWFL




John Russo has earned a specialty certificate in Structural Analysis and Damage Repair, which qualifies him as an ASE Collision Repair Technician. Coupled with hands-on repair experience since 1980, you can be absolutely sure that your car will be treated with complete professionalism, and the repair job will be to a like-new level.


Collision repair and paint in florida



Thanks to this formal education and experience, your vehicle will be repaired to factory specifications. This means you will have the car back to a pre-crash geometry of the suspension, which ensures your car will not “pull” to the left or right so you won’t need to steer it back on track.



Here’s an Example of a Spray on Bedliner we applied to a CJ7 Jeep Restoration




Also, you will be worry-free because the repair procedure, all the welding and body-work will be done according to factory specifications, ensuring that the vehicle is structurally as sound as it was before the crash.


See the Beginning of this 1966 Mustang Restoration




Why Choose a Licensed Shop for Auto Repair and Restoration?



  • 1. You will get the real expense of the damage
  • 2. You will get highly professional autobody repair
  • 3. Your car will be restored to a pre-collision state
  • 4. You will be treated with due respect and attention throughout the repair process



So, don't hesitate.


Rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired to factory specifications (or better), and the paint job will be flawless, for pre-crash looks of your car.


Learn More About Us


See Our Services:


Classic Car Restoration

Muscle Car Restoration

New Steel Bodies & Turn Key Builds

Spray on Bedliners

Graphics and Custom Paint

Lettering and Design 


Thanks for reading - you might be interested in this post about a complete CJ7 Frame Off Restoration



1970 challenger steel reproduction body



Expert Classic and Muscle Car Shop in Florida

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Palm Beach Customs is Your Expert Classic and Muscle Car Shop in Florida with a Proven Track Record of Honesty and Quality…




John Russo, the owner of Palm Beach Customs is a business veteran and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. This upbringing undoubtedly helps John in being successful for decades with his ever-evolving car repair and restorations business >>Read More About Us Here<<



expert classic and muscle car restoration shop in florida




Back in 1992, John expanded his JR’s Auto Body business with a gas station. The newspaper clipping above is from July 2000, a great proof of how a start-up gas station can grow into a steady business even in hard times like it was back in 2000 in the gas and oil business.



The Business section of The Sun visited John Russo for a short interview on the high fuel price and how that may/will affect the consumers. This shows that John Russo is a recognized and respected member of the community, and a go-to person for tough business questions.




Becoming Your Local Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Shop in Florida…



All this business experience and community-centrism of John is now invested into Palm Beach Customs, your expert classic and muscle car restoration shop in Florida, so you can rest assured that PBC is not only into car sales repair and restoration.



We service areas from Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Naples, Cape Coral, Tampa, to Miami, Ocala, and Northern Florida - so give us a call! 


The primary goal is to offer value to the community with quick and high-quality repair and restoration. There are no cutting corners here at Palm Beach Customs.




classic car restoration Florida




High-quality work and stellar customer service is our motto.



We stick to it, so you and your car/truck/boat get a rock-star treatment.


Head over to our Testimonial Page to read what our customers have to say about working with us.










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CJ-7 Jeep Builds Restoration with 200 hours

April 23, 2019

1988 Burb Life 4×4 Suburban

October 10, 2018

1972 Wasque Boat Restoration by Bud Gallup

June 26, 2018

1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

June 26, 2018

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