1970 Chevelle Coupe Steel body with Air Conditioning Firewall Options

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New steel body replacements for classic and muscle cars in florida


The 1970 Chevelle Coupe was one of the most sought-after cars in the world.

Car enthusiast fancy the sleek ergonomics, funky box shape and low-profile look the Chevelle Coupe flaunts.

These were the major selling points for this model. And that’s why Palm Beach Customs brings to you replacement Chevelle Coupe body with A/C Firewall Option!

Chevelle Coupe body with A/C Firewall Option

Do you own a 1970 Chevelle Coupe as well?

Do you feel like it’s time to restore your dull and fagged out classic car into a spanking new sleek one?

If yes, then get an exclusive Chevelle Coupe steel body from Palm Beach Customs!

New steel body replacements for classic and muscle cars in floridaVisit the product page here.


1970 Chevelle Coupe body with A/C Firewall Option

The identifying characteristics of an AC car are its Firewall. If you want to upgrade your 1970 Chevelle Coupe with FACTORY A/C Firewall Option then get it ASAP at Palm Beach Customs. Officially GM licensed product is available from Dynacorn Classic Bodies.

Purchasing a Dynacorn body shell is worth every penny and will not disappoint you at all!

They produce finest replacements parts for your valuable vehicles.

Recently, Dynacorn has now started to manufacture 1970 Chevelle Coupe replacement steel bodies.

70 Chevelle

Role of Palm Beach Customs

This replacement body shell is GM-licensed product and is fully welded. Additionally, the deck lid and doors are also well-fitted and assembled. Needless to say, most of the parts are already welded to the body, it just needs some minor bodywork. That’s when Palm Beach Customs comes to your rescue!

  • From minimal custom paint job to complete car restoration, our team can adeptly turn your weary car into a new shining one!
  • Dynacorn uses 1006 universal automotive-grade steel and the body is further galvanized to protect it against rust.
  • The steel contains few additives so it becomes more flexible and effortless to work with. Which is by the way, better than the originals.

So, why wait?

This Chevelle Coupe body with A/C Firewall Option is all set to go into your ‘70 Chevelle.


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