This Chassis will Greatly Improve the Performance of your Chevy Truck

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The performance of your vehicle greatly depends on many things, but your chassis is definitely the most important factor. As it forms the base of the car, it is responsible for the holding the wheels and holding the entire body of your car on it, which puts a certain amount of burden on it. A better quality chassis will help you have a smooth, high-quality ride, but a bad quality or rusted one can have a bad impact on your ride as well.

1947-1953 Chevy Chassis

This is why for old trucks and cars, it becomes an important part of the restoration process to get the chassis replaced with a newer, high-quality one. Not only with this help, you achieve an amazingly improved ride and beautiful appearance, but it will also help you make sure that the foundation you are laying down for your car is just right.

47-53 Chevy Chassis

AME 1947-1953 Chevy Chassis

This is the chassis for the Chevy Truck from 1947-53, one that guarantees a sports performance, and comes loaded with several features which promise the smoothest and the easiest ride on your truck. It is suitable for all trucks which match the dimensions, but best for the chassis replacement of your Chevy Truck.

1947-1953 Chassis

Features of AME 1947-1953 Chevy Chassis:

  • A Sports IFS is featured in this chassis, which has a 1, 5/16” wide, beefy arms for upper control, couples with the upsized rods that have been poly brushed, and several other features which efficiently make sure that you can handle your ride as completely as possible.
  • Any of the V-8 engines of transmission will easily go with this chassis, whether automatic or stick operated.
  • It includes an optional, pedal mount, and it really helps in the easy, seamless installment of this chassis right into your car. You can do it all by yourself too.
  • It consists of the Front Crossmember as well as the Rear Suspension kits, which contain several of the necessary parts, and help make up the entire system of the chassis.

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