A beautiful 1940 Ford Coupe Body for your restoration process!

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There are so many people out there, who possess cars which date way back in time.

Cars so old are treasures, something very rare and not normally found out on the streets. However, like every other thing, cars get worn out with time too. It doesn’t matter how seriously you take care of them, they will still end up getting rusted and ruined.

At some point, they will become too old to be presentable, and mostly their exterior is the thing targeted the hardest. This is why, in this case, it becomes necessary to restore these cars, rebuild the exterior.

1940 Ford Coupe Body


However, the processes for restoration can take months, and it is very hard to find suitable parts. Afterward, getting them assembled is also a hard job, where the quality of the assembly isn’t even guaranteed. However, all of these problems are solved with the help of this product.


1940 Ford Body

1940 Ford Coupe Body

We are proud to be presenting to you the Coupe Body for the Ford 1940, entirely made of steel, and including many of the parts which have already been assembled. It is a package consisting of high-quality materials, which will aid you greatly in the restoration process, as well as if you wish to build a customized car similar to this one.

1940 Ford Coupe Body skeleton

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Features of 1940 Ford Coupe Body:

  • The body is completely new and consists of all high-quality parts.
  • The 1940 Ford Coupe Body is made of very high-quality steel, which makes the body even stronger than the actual model. It is known to be 16 gauge steel, one that will be highly resistive as well.
  • The deck lid has been installed, as well as the doors are all fitted and hinged to the body, with the help of a high-quality assembling process.
  • The body has a configuration of stock firewall too.
  • The skeleton of the car includes drip rails, as well as top skin and quarter panels, along with the rear body panels.
  • It has been licensed by the Ford Company as well.
  • High-quality procedures are involved in the assembly of all the materials, with a strict supervision to make sure that everything is perfect and precise.


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