High quality 1966-67 Chevy II Steel Body to go with your vintage style!

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It is the perfect thing to do if you have thought about restoring your old, worn out and rusted car. However, most of the people do so, but they get discouraged by the fact that they will have to go out, search for these parts separately. It can be a severe headache to search for all of these parts, which are entirely rare and the quality isn’t guaranteed either, once you get to them. Not to mention the fact that they would be really expensive. But what if there was a package in which you could get all of these parts, completely pre-assembled, in the highest quality and an affordable price, wouldn’t it sound like a dream?

1966-67 Chevy II/Nova body skeleton

This is a dream come true, as we are proud to bring to you the Chevy II body shell from 1966-67, and it is as amazing as it sounds. To start with, the body is made of premium quality steel, a material which is very durable, resistive and will turn out to be even better than the original. It includes a dash too. A tunnel for Automatic Floor Shift is added too, along with the brackets for the bucket seats. The body also includes some parts which have been factory installed, including drip rails, a top skin, a deck filler and the quarter panels as well.

1966-67 Chevy II/Nova body lower

The assembly of all of these materials happens right here in the US and it is a high-quality process, featuring the most recent and modern technology. The professionals who assemble these parts make sure that they aren’t even slightly out of line, and it is made sure that everything is perfect, just as it is supposed to be. During the assembly, there is a very narrow inspection to make sure that the quality and the assembly of the materials both fulfill our criteria and satisfy our clients.

1966-67 Chevy II/Nova body

The steel used in the making of the car is thought to be 25% more than the strength of the original one, which means that the car will turn out to be much more resistive and durable than the original. However, care has still been taken to make sure that the car still preserves the very same, vintage look.

Here is a video of the Chevy ll steel body being built.

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