Bedliner and Repair For Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs

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Looking for Bedliner and Repair For Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs?

Owners of motor homes and trailer roof owners know that fiberglass is actually quite easy to break or damage.


Sometimes, all it takes is a rock chip to slam in the fiberglass body and make a big dent in the motor home or trailer roof.


Here's a case in point. This Camper RV owner brought in his RV which needed some patch work and full sprayon bedliner treatment.


Even though bed liners were created for the roofing industry, RV entusiasts quickly recognized its unique features and started using bedliners for their camper RVs.



Take a look at the camper that we sprayed for a local Fort Myers Customer, with a breakdown of everything we did on this RV:


repair for camper rv in florida
Bedliner and Fiberglass repair of Camper RV and Trailer Roof. Brought to Factory Finish looks
  • First we prepped and taped off the areas that we did not want to cover
  • Then we washed the Camper top with a cleaner
  • the roof had small cracks in the fiber glass
  • The owner did not want the camper to get worse over time so we did a full body fiberglass inspection and repair
  • The color  picked for this Camper Repair was light gray
  • We applied the excellent Reflex Brand Spray On Liner with the proper pigment


Repair of the Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs, bedlining stage


repair for camper rv in swfl
Camper RV roof with fresh bedliner coat and matching paint job


rv restoration in florida
All fiberglass repair done to ensure long life of this RV roof and a thick coat of Reflex Bedliner for a care-free camping experience


We Are able to Create almost any color by adding automotive colorant to the Reflex Bedliner mix formula, and we make sure the fiberglass body gets all needed repairs before applying the rich Reflex bed liner coat.



Give us a call or send us an email with any questions and we will get your Project under way. 


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2 thoughts on “Bedliner and Repair For Camper Rv and Trailer Roofs

  1. I am in the same process with removal of my old PVC coleman/Fleetwood roof that was cracked in multiple places, nothing worked to repair it correctly so I took the PVC cover off, sanded the fiberglass, and fixed the areas that needed repair. I decided to go with a boat/ bilge coating that resists pretty much anything. The only concern is how the bedliner would be able to hide any imperfections since it’s so thick. How does your product hold up over time? Thanks

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