The Best Chevy 2-door Hardtop Steel Body for your Restoration!

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The older, vintage cars are entirely beautiful, with their vintage grace. They stand out anywhere you go, and they’d always be attracting admirers. For this reason, everyone loves these cars and wants to own them. Some of them, however, own these cars ever since the time they first came out and became popular. If you belong to that category, then it is quite possible that your car has been rusted and worn out by now. For this reason, you’d want to restore your car and to have it renewed so that your car will look new and shine like it really is. However, restoration processes can be time-consuming as well as can drain your money like it is water. For this reason, many people do not get into that procedure.

1955 Chevy Body

But it’s always convenient if you can find a package which includes most of the parts of the car. This greatly helps in making sure that you have everything you need, already assembled for you, with all of the parts having a consistently high quality and an affordable price for all of it.

1955 Chevy Body 1

1955 Chevy Body with Dash, Quarter Panels, Doors & Deck Lid

This is a brand new steel skeleton for the Chevy 1955 2-door Hardtop, which comes with several other additional features and makes the job infinitely easier for you to come through with. To add on to it, all of the materials and parts are really high quality, which actually makes sure that you don’t have a single issue with any of them.

1955 Chevy 2-Door Hardtop Body Skeleton

Features of 1955 Chevy Steel Body:

  • The body is completely made of steel, including parts which are all brand new.
  • The steel used is very high quality and known to be 25% better than the original body.
  • The skeleton also includes the dash, the top skin, and the drip rails.
  • The tailplane and quarter panels have already been installed in the Chevy Skeleton, which makes it even more convenient as so many parts have already been assembled and installed into the skeleton.
  • All of the parts have been assembled under extreme supervision and with expert hands, using the latest technology in order to make sure that everything is in line with today’s world, and everything is updated.

1955 Chevy Body skeleton


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