Best Convertible Body Skeleton of 1955 Chevy with Dash & Quarter Panels

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1955-chevy steel body


It would be more than hard to find an actual car from the 1950s roaming around the town at this time. If you’re someone who has a never dying love for old, vintage cars, then the only option for you to get a car like that is by customizing it yourself. This will include assembling several different parts together, from different areas, and then making it into your dream car. However, even finding different parts can be a very hard job to do.

1955 chevy body skeleton with dash

1955 Chevy body skeleton

We at Palm Beach are proud to be offering a Chevy 1955-56 brand new skeleton. This skeleton includes almost the entirety of the body of a Chevy, and is also convertible, with several other features, at a price that is completely reasonable and affordable.

1955 Chevy Convertible Body Skeleton With Dash & Quarter Panels

The skeleton has been made by handpicking the best quality materials to make up the parts, and the making of the parts has been in such a way that the body has the same grace and vintage look that the actually Chevy had. After all these parts are made, they are then assembled with the highest technology and an unnerving precision. This means that the different parts of the car will be set accurately, using the latest technology and methodologies by professionals.

1955 chevy body skeleton

The 1955 chevy body skeleton includes Installed Quarter Panels, along with a Rear Deck Panel and Tail pan. Even though the it does not include either doors or a deck lid, but apart from these, it has almost everything you require to create the outer body of your car. If you will have an exterior of such good quality, with a vintage look and grace, it will surely be the best pick for your custom car.

All of the parts are assembled very carefully, always within USA. It is guaranteed that the strength and resistivity of this body is 25 times better than the strength of the original body of the Chevy 1955-56, which means that a care made with this will give you high quality experiences. The car will be amazing to drive, will look amazing, and will not be getting damaged very easily. Click here to visit the product page.

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