The Best Front Clip Chassis for your Camaro!

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Nowadays, everyone strives to achieve a ride quality which isn’t only smooth, but incredibly stable and easy to control/handle. It isn’t too much too much, taking into consideration how the technology has developed over the ages to this point, where modern technology allows you to easily achieve anything at all. One of the most important things to play a part in the quality of the ride your car gives you is the Chassis of the car. It is especially important to realize that the types of Chassis in old cars were basically not that developed, and they were according to that time’s technology. Now that the technology has developed and become modern, so are the requirements, and so everything needs to be upgraded to get in line with the rest of the world.

The Chassis of your old Camaro or other models would need the installation of a new Chassis so that your car can start to perform up to the mark, and does not lag behind amongst the other cars. Not only that, but this new installation should really be an upgraded one so that you really step up your game.

AME Camaro Chassis FRONT CLIP

This is the front clip of the Chassis which comes from the Morrison’s, a company which has been developing a new, improved GT Sports series and providing high quality, competent Chassis for its clients. This Chassis will work perfectly with Camaro 67-69, 70-81, Firebird, as well as Nova 68-74.

Features of AME Camaro Chassis FRONT CLIP:

  • This Chassis will work perfectly well with any kinds of engines, including small block, big block as well as LS-series Chevy engines. Automatic as well as manual transmissions will all work perfectly well with this Chassis.
  • The chassis has a large amount of strength, as well as it is stiff, but it is still very light in comparison to the other OEM unit.
  • There are adjustable coil-over shocks, which will help you in modifying them so that they are exactly how you need them to remain comfortable.
  • To install this Chassis front clip, there is no welding or cutting required, which means that the installation will be seamless and easy.

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