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What’s new? Not our American classic cars! That’s what makes these babies classic! In this Tech Tip we are going to breakdown the body badge. We will be deciphering the codes on our clients 1966 Mustang convertible to give you a better understanding of their importance and how to read them. Below is our VIN-diagram.

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  1. D stands for Dealer Order
  2. 33 is the location of the Dealer. Ours was shipped to Detroit.
  3. 18 is the welding bay during production.
  4. M11 states the month and day of production. M is December and 11 is the day of the month.
  5. This is the start of the actual VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. 6 is the last digit of the model year, 1966.
  6. T would be the plant location where the car was produced. This mustang is from Metuchen, New Jersey.
  7. 08 signifies this model is a convertible.
  8. C clarifies the engine type, ours had a 289cid-2v V-8 with 200 hp put in it.
  9. This is the unit number, 171539.
  10. 76A says the body type, ours is a standard convertible
  11. 8 is the color code for Springtime Yellow.
  12. 26 is the trim, this mustang is black on black.
  13. Lastly this is the transmission type, ours is a 4-speed manual.

Our client’s 1966 Mustang convertible was one of 56,409 produced that year. The base price on the convertible in 1966 was $2,652, add in the upgraded transmission for $184, and the 289 V-8 for $106 and this mustang would have cost you roughly $2,942 plus tax back in the day. However here at Palm Beach Customs we like to make sure your restoration comes out better than it rolled off the line, so we are throwing in quite the line up of accessories! Besides the incredible paint job, new interior, engine rebuild, and wicked stereo system, this Mustang will have A/C, power steering, dual piston brakes, fuel injection, and headers with dual exhaust! She’s gonna knock your socks off when we get through with her!

We hope you like our badge breakdown, come back for more on our restoration of some these great american classic cars! Whether it’s your first or your last, if you are seeking a Mustang or another classic car Palm Beach Customs is dedicated to finding and restoring an original high quality numbers matching vehicle for you. We will produce a work of art for you that is better than the day it rolled off the line.

Make sure you check back for more Tech Tips from our very own John Russo. Do you have anything you’d like us to teach you about? Let us know if you have questions or if we can help you with your classic car restoration or customization below, by email, or give us a call at (239) 281-6754. Until next time, keep cruisin’!

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