Your cab will look amazing with this 1947-50 Chevy Cab Body

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The Chevy cabs used to be amazing in every aspect, from their impressive build to beautiful design. They were extremely popular, and even nowadays, they are admired deeply.

Even though they are found rarely, many of the people still own these Chevy Cabs ever since they came out a long while ago, and for the people who treasure these cabs, it can be quiet disappointing when the body eventually rusts.

It is almost inevitable to prevent it, and at some stage, cars get worn out no matter what. That is when they actually require restoration.

However, Chevy Cabs have several parts which might not be found out there in good condition for replacement, and assembly is quite expensive, as well as the quality isn’t guaranteed. In that case, this product is going to work in the best way for the restoration of your 1947-50 Chevy Cab.


1947-50 Chevy Truck Cab Body

This is a body for the Chevy Cab from 1947-50, with all of the parts included conveniently into the package.

This means that all of the things you really need for the restoration of your cab will already be in it, and you won’t really have to go around in the search for high-quality products.

classic car restoration specialist in florida on chevy truck steel bodies

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Features of 1947-50 Chevy Truck Cab Body:

  • The 1947-50 Chevy Truck Cab Body package includes the doors, which are made of steel that is really high quality. The doors are designed and crafted in a way that they look exactly the same as the Chevy Cab, with the same vintage grace.
  • There is a steel dash included as well, another one of the essential components of the cab which are required for the complete restoration. Made of very high-quality steel with just about no imperfections, this will prove to be the best.
  • All of the floor braces are also included in the package, all of them just right for your Chevy Cab. They are designed to go well with the other parts as well.
  • Lastly, the cab assembly is also included, in which we will offer to assemble your cab for you. Our experts, along with the use of modern technology and techniques for assembly, all lead to a great reputation when it comes to the assembly of the products.


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1947-50 Chevy Truck Cab Body

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