Can You Still Find Original Classic and Muscle Cars for Restoration?

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GM Certified Camaro Tri-5 Steel Body Restoration

Looking for Original Classic and Muscle Cars for Your Restoration?

We get the question a lot: Is it still possible to find good, original classic and muscle cars for restoration projects?


The short answer is: Yes - if you know where to look.


Watch this short video to hear more about finding those original classic and muscle cars for restoration!



Here are a couple examples of our secret stashes ..... 🙂


We have a few contacts out West with 450 cars. You can see the picture below with the blue Chevelles. A bunch of the '69-70 Chevelles and the square bodies.


muscle and classic car restoration


You can also see the '69-70 Novas here. Whenever you're looking for a classic car to restore, try to look in areas that have dry climates - like Oklahoma, Nevada, California, or the Dakotas. 

Block Nova Black


Racing Big Block Nova





Hunting Down The Perfect Original Classic and Muscle Cars - if Only We Could Restore Them All!

We've recently come across this original muscle car that would make a great restoration starter, this 1969 RS Camaro. This prime example is an original with a small-block 350. It's unmolested - never taken apart with the matching Vin number, transmission, rear-end, and no serious rust.


Of course, as with all of these finds, it does need a little bit of metal work on the nose. But really - you can't find something better.



can we still find classic car restoration shops in florida?




We Know Where to Find the Original Classic Cars for Restoration...



We know the whereabouts of about 25 Tri-Five Chevrolets from the 1955-57 Chevy 2 Door Sedans, Hardtops, 4-Door Wagons, and more.


This picture here is a white and tan 1956 Chevrolet from California. This one happens to come with a freshly built motor. All good parts, a small block with high-performance additions like big warheads and aluminum intake and carb.



can we still find classic car restoration shops in florida?



can you find original classic and muscle cars for restoration?





Here's a 1957 Chevy we've come across that would make an awesome classic car restoration project for anyone looking.

Chevelle Restoration


Chevelle Restoration



We also have a ton of cars - the old 40s and 50s Pickups, Chevys and Fords - for all you classic truck lovers.



Not looking for an original classic and muscle car to restore per say?


Red Mustang for idea restoration


While Palm Beach Customs specializes in classic and muscle car restorations for our customers who bring their own cars to us, we love to help people find a classic they are interested in and restore it for them as well as creating a turn-key build from the new steel body replacements we have available.



We are happy to offer our clients the new steel body replacements and chassis for these cars: 


Tri-Five Chevys 


1967-1969 Camaro 


1966-1967 Chevy II/Nova


1970 Challenger


1970 Chevelle


1940 Ford Coupe


1965-1970 Mustangs


1947-1957 Chevy Trucks


1978-1986 Jeep CJ-7


Chassis Options!


These steel bodies are all Licensed by either GM, Ford, or Mopar which ensures the quality of your build. If it wasn't a great product - we wouldn't recommend it!



Camaro Steel Body Ad




Hope you enjoyed this post because while we can't restore every car out there we can share the cars we know about with all you other classic and muscle car enthusiasts.




Contact us if you have a classic or muscle car in need of some TLC



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