Choosing the Classic Car and Muscle Car Steel Body with Palm Beach Customs for your Dream Ride in Florida!

A Palm Beach Customs Exclusive: 3 Stage Options for Your Steel Body Order



Here at Palm Beach Customs we’ve been building custom rides since 1980. Keep reading to learn more about the steel body options you have for your own custom ride...





We sell (and build with) brand new official steel bodies, such as the 1955-57 Chevy, 1967-69 Camaro, 1967-69 Mustang and the 1940 Ford Coupe and more.. 


With with the various styles available, we will endeavor to find something that suits your needs.


Each steel body is licensed and handcrafted to the highest possible standard.


Quality Assurance...


All of our Steel Bodies are licensed by GM, Ford, Chrysler, or Mopar and handcrafted to the highest possible standard.


Each of the manufacturers that we work with ensures that the bodies are assembled for the best fit - doors, trunk lids, glass, and windows - so that all the parts go on smoothly for the customer.


Keep in mind, some fitting and bodywork will need to be done, but for the most part moving the metal around should be minor and unnecessary in most cases.



Everything You Need for Your Steel Body Build...


Whether you’ve bought yourself a “project car” and realized the body needs a tetanus shot or if you’re in search of your dream car that reminds you of the good ‘ol days you’ve found the right place.


Here at Palm Beach Customs we can provide you with the steel bodies you need to start your build right.



Palm Beach Customs works directly with the major manufacturers of top quality steel bodies and chassis:



See How the Steel Bodies are Built and Shipped!



Here's a cool time-lapse of a Chevy getting built at the Real Deal Steel factory... Each car is built on a specially made jig to ensure that the steel bodies match factory standards.




More Steel Body Builds in the Gallery


Shop for steel bodies online at Palm Beach Customs...


You can find new steel bodies, parts, and chassis below:



Starting Your Steel Body Build & Building Your Dream Car


 John, the original guy at PBC, started building Chevys when he was in high school - over 1,100 completed, full restorations!


Restoring classic and muscle cars is our passion and we decided to make the restoration process more customizable for our customers.


The Palm Beach Customs team works on every step of the restoration process, keeping everything in house and meticulously carried out.



stage 3 all inclusive steel body full build custom restoration palm beach cusotms



We work on your car as if it were our own, which means we will never rush through a project or hand you the keys unless it meets our high standards for quality and safety.



>>>See some of our completed restorations right here and read testimonials from previous clients.


3 Available Steel Body Options


Stage 1: Steel Body Only


This is for the people who want to replace or start from scratch with a project car and build it from the ground up.


All you have to do is pick on the model and choice for the body of your choosing – tell it where to go and have it shipped to you!


Depending on the model, make sure you consider a chassis and other car parts – like nose kits or dash options.



Go over to our categories on the homepage to see the bodies we offer from Real Deal Steel, Omx-Ada, and Dynacorn along with the chassis from Art Morrison.




Stage 2: Steel Body + paint of your choice



With this option, your steel body is brought to our shop and we paint it the color you want using top quality paint brands. We offer free pick-up of your steel body and free delivery to you once we are done.


High Quality Custom Paint for Your Steel Body



Please send us an email before you order a steel body so that we can make sure the process goes smoothly as possible.



Stage 3: A Full Custom Build



This is the option for people who just cannot put the time into a restoration project but still want to have the car.


And we understand, which is why we decided to provide this to our customers!



This is the option for people who just cannot put the time into a restoration project but still want to have the car. And we understand, which is why we decided to provide this to our customers!


A stage 3 custom build of your steel body includes the chassis, engine, paint, interior, and a turn-key finished project.


stage 3 all inclusive steel body full build custom restoration palm beach cusotms



When you choose this option we will fully build your car to your specifications (within reason – we still have not discovered how to make cars fly yet!)




Every car we build we build like it was being built for us. This means no shortcuts and only the highest quality products are used.

Don’t take our word for it, go and read the testimonials and check out our previous restoration projects.



Check Out Some of Our Work and See the Restoration Process...





We want to make sure that we build your car the way you envision it. Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in this stage for your project.




Tell us as much as you can, include your name, number, and best time to get in touch with you. Send us some photos of ideas you have too if you have any.




Solid Foundations


Along with the steel bodies, we also offer the chassis built by Art Morrison.

With Art Morrison chassis you can be sure to have a solid, smooth riding car. Check them out here... 

These chassis are fully customizable, so if you’re building a Batmobile (seriously, Art Morrison has built a chassis for a customer building a Batmobile) get in touch with us and we will work with you to get the chassis you need.


If you’re just building a classic or muscle car, we also have the complete chassis packages from Art Morrison available on our site right here.





Contact Us to Learn More


Please Keep in Mind


*When you order any of the stages above, there is a 30-120 day wait time depending on your order - just for the steel body or chassis. There is no way for us to know how long your wait will be until we place your order.

If you order stage 2 0r 3 you need to expect long wait times because we are busy in the shop and serve everyone on a first come, first serve basis.

Be aware too that on the website we can only offer an estimation of shipping at the time of your order. Expect to see the charges adjusted on your account once it is placed and/or shipped.





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