Chassis & Suspension for Your Classic and Muscle Car Restoration

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Add a Chassis & Suspension for Your Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Project


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Whether you are starting from scratch with a new classic or muscle car build or have found yourself with an original body, ensuring that you have the best frame for your dream ride is the way to go.


47-53 Chevy Truck Sport Art Morrison Chassis


Pair Your Steel Body with the options below:


Tri-5 Chevy Chassis


67-69 Camaro Chassis


Chevy II/Nova Chassis 


1970 Chevelle


1970 Challenger


1965-69 Mustang 


1940 Ford Coupe


1947-1957 Chevy Truck



Why Choose an Art Morrison Chassis?


Palm Beach Customs has been in the automotive business for over 30 years – we have experience in heavy-hit collision repair along with our high-end restorations – and we can tell you that having a good frame is one of the single most important components of a safe, smooth riding car.


Art Morrison has been building chassis for over 40 years and they make top quality chassis and suspension that not only give your old car the handling of a modern vehicle but are also safe.



These chassis are custom built to order for each customer to meet their needs and wants.


Contact Us today to ask any questions or place an order! 

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Tri-5 Steel Body






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