This Chevy II Nova 1966-67 Skeleton Might Just Be The Best One Out There!

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It is a great thing if you have decided to renew your car, and put effort in it to restore its condition. Older, vintage cars have a beauty which never dies.

This means that these cars will never lose their grace, and it is never the wrong time to want to make these cars better.

If they’re rusted and worn out, sitting in your backyard, you mustn’t let them go to waste.


1966-67 Chevy II Nova Skeleton


It is true that the fact that it is extremely hard to find relevant, fitting parts out there, which ends up discouraging people from trying most of the times.

The quality, price or any other thing might render that particular part unsuitable, and then you’ll have to go around to every shop, looking for parts.

It definitely doesn’t sound appealing, but how about if you get all of these parts in one package?


1966-67 Chevy II Nova body

Features of Chevy II Nova 1966-67 Skeleton:

  • It is a body for the Chevy 1966-67 II Nova, a skeleton which will include most of the outer parts of the car.
  • The 1966-67 Chevy II Nova Skeleton is completely made of steel, one of the highest quality, which is said to be 16 gauge steel. The quality of the steel is even known to be around 25% better than the quality of the original body of the Chevy, which makes it more suitable to be driven around in the modern times.
  • A floorpan is included in the skeleton, which has tunnels which are responsible for the standard floor shift, as well as the brackets for the bucket seats.
  • There are other features that are factory installed as well, including the top skin, drip rails, deck filler, as well as quarter panels.
  • It has been assembled in the US, under expert supervision and with the help of the latest technology, so that the parts are all assembled to the point and precisely. This helps in the body being free of all faults, and you will receive it fully assembled, with nothing to worry about. All of the parts will be just as you’d like them, perfect for your car to be renewed.


Check 66-67 Chevy II/Nova Steel Body Build

1966-67 Chevy II Nova Skeleton body

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