A Chevy II Nova Skeleton to win your hearts, along with all others!

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If you’ve got a car in your backyard that has, by now, rusted, then you might to consider restoring it. Most of the people end up giving up on the idea only because of how hectic and time-consuming the task can actually be. It isn’t easy to go out there, find the right parts, at the right prices and just the right quality. For this reason, we are proud to be presenting to you this brand new skeleton, which has almost all the parts featured in it, at a price which is highly affordable and reasonable, and a quality which is capable of leaving you completely speechless.

Chevy II Nova Skeleton body

This is the Chevy II Nova skeleton, one that is made of very high-quality steel. Almost all of the features are already included and assembled in the skeleton, making sure that the restoration of your old, worn out car becomes an effortless and convenient job. It would be a relief to have all the starting parts with you, which can really help ease the task.

A standard floor shift tunnel is included in the floorpan, accompanied with the high-quality brackets for the bucket seats. The spacious and wide mini tubs will easily allow you to use tires which can be up to 315 mm, without you having to face any problems. None of the exterior skins, however, are included in this package.

Chevy II Nova Skeleton

The assembly of the material takes place in the US and it is done under the supervision of experts. This makes sure that the setting of the materials is very precious, and nothing strays out of line. Everything has to be to the point, and nothing must show any issues. The assembly is also done using the latest technology and the most modern ways. Check 66-67 Chevy II/Nova Steel Body Build video here.

The quality of the product is, no doubt, higher than the actual Chevy from years back, but an excessive amount of attention has been paid to the precise details. This is to make sure that the car doesn’t lose its vintage look, the one thing that classifies these cars from the newer, modern ones.

Here is a video of the Nova being built by manufacturers. 

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