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Chrome Foil Truck Lettering Services For Derrick From Belleville

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Testimonials

Services: Truck Lettering Services in Florida 

Client: Belleville Auto

Materials: 3M chrome foil, 3M color foils

Done in: 1 day

Derrick ordered a fleet lettering and bed-lining for his tow truck and service vehicles.  The fleet counts several vehicles so we prepared a special price for Derrick. As usually, John Russo spent some time discussing the project, about the Belleville brand, and how Derrick wants his clients to perceive his brand.

After a brief discussion, John recommended chrome lettering foil that has excellent durability and practically immune to UV radiation from the sun.

To get a richer, more dynamic looks Russo suggested a drop-shadow effect and border to add to the lettering depth.

The final lettering design was set to use the eye-catching chrome foil, plus 3 other foils. In combination with the black base color from the truck, this lettering job got a stunning look that is impossible to imitate with the cheap print-on approach many people use nowadays.

Thanks to the high-quality 3M foils this lettering gets a standard 10 year warranty





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