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Classic Car And Muscle Car Restoration Services In SWFL, Ft. Myers

by | Sep 8, 2012 | Restoration

Are you looking for classic car or muscle car restoration services in South-West Florida? Palm Beach Customs is the right place.

Palm Beach Customs in Ft. Myers has a track record of over 500 restoration jobs since the early 1980s. There are over 500 happy clients to vouch for this.

Classic Car Restoration Services

Classic car restoration services require considerable skills and insight to be successful. 

Vintage automobiles that are no longer in production can be worth a lot of money. The process involves repairing classic cars to restore them to their original condition. Such kind of restoration work involves:

  • doing bodywork and paint of the exterior of the car
  • engine and the mechanical repairs of the car
  • repairing the interior of the car

Our dedication is to provide extensive vehicle restoration services, including classic car restoration works. 

Located in Fort Myers, our store offers parts and components to car owners that are difficult to acquire.

Our service techs at work can maintain all inherent issues of wear and tear that exist with the regular usage of automobiles.

Muscle Car & Hot Rod Restoration Services

Muscle car and hot rod restoration offer you your dream car. These fuel-guzzling monsters once used to rule the streets. In the age of engine efficiency, these muscle cars come to be known as classics.

Our specialists have still held on to the most popular muscle cars of that time. Not just because they’re a classics, but their appearance and design are coming back in today’s cars. 

Order your muscle car restoration at our store. We’ll get it restored for you. These cars require maintenance and proper care to ensure that they remain in good condition for years to come. 

For muscle car owners, these restoration services become a necessity.

Ford’s Mustang is an American motoring icon. Restoring it to mint condition brings a smile to any car lover’s face, guaranteed.

Ever since its first year of production in the year 1964, the mustang body has allured many people. This two-door classic muscle car has acquired great recognition and is considered one of the most popular vehicles around the world. Even the 57 Chevy acquired immense accolades during this time, which packed a real punch on the performance and mechanical front. It scores high points due to its style and design, which was unseen previously. This new, highly styled version of pickup trucks becomes the most recognized symbol of that time. At Palm Beach Customs, we work on your car to restore to original or custom whichever you prefer.

In 1968 Ford Mustang got a body expansion, which made it look massive with included features as well. However, by the time the 1970s had arrived, the Mustang no longer was the sleek, elegant pony car it was initially styled to be. 

Our specialist service techs at Palm Beach Customs provide exclusive mustang car restorations and making the car of your dreams within your specified budget. Our range of services includes classic and antique car restoration, lettering, bedliners, collision repair works, and more.

With over 500 car restorations completed since the early 1980s in our service, we provide our consumers with many great choices that have only evolved with time. In 2009, the new concept of the Camaro hit the big screen, making a comeback in the movie “The Transformers.”  In 2011, Camaro celebrated its 45th year in production.

Order Your Classic Car Or Muscle Car Restoration From Palm Beach Customs

Choose from:

  • we can restore your car, or
  • locate a project car for you

In the United States, peoples’ dream is to own a vintage car. Many car lovers tend to get these valuable possessions restored to enhance performance and appeal. Getting your classic car restored is an extremely satisfying activity

Choosing the right assistance in the field becomes necessary to guarantee maximum pleasure. With over 500 restorations, Palm Beach Customs is the best place in South West Florida for a car restoration job.

Please feel free to contact us and ask us any questions about your next car restoration project.


  1. David Walker

    Can I get the 40 cpe as a roller with paint

  2. Bill Coleman

    I need to have the hood and side panels installed on a 1934 ford 3 window coupe. I need them to be solid to prevent rattles but easily remove to show the engine. I also need new remotes for the doors and trunk and a hydraulic cylinder installed to support the trunk. The car was recently painted but the guy that owned it but he passed away and never finished some of the work. I will need wipers installed and the hood side panels and trunk will have to be painted. You will also need to remove the trunk handle and repair the hole. I think I’ve covered everything except a tuneup. The car runs rich and flattens out when you push on the gas. If you are in Fort Myers would you be interested in the job?

    • John Russo

      Bill I will respond to you on the contact form reply and we will talk ,Thanks John

  3. Rob

    Can I get a quote to install a hood vent on a 2011 Camaro SS? I’ll provide the hood vent and all necessary parts…

    • John Russo

      Rob its best to give me a call and send me a list of options then we can figure a price
      engine ,transmission ect

  4. Jon Grutchfield

    I have a 68 Camaro and I believe I have an exhaust leak from a blown gasket. I’d also like to get an oil change. Do you guys do this kind of work or just body work?

    • John Russo

      Jon, we are currently only doing full builds


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