This is One Awesome 1972 Bronco Restoration in Florida

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White Stripes and Chrome Bronco

See our progress on this 1972 Bronco restoration in Florida in the pictures below!


In the next few months at our shop, we'll be finishing up a 1972 Bronco restoration in Florida.


This was a complete restoration where we brought everything down to the bare metal and will be building it from the ground up.



If you have a classic Bronco - or any old car - in need of some serious TLC we'd love to work with you.

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As of now, this Bronco is ready for paint!

The customer decided to keep it classic with chrome accessories, white trim and lines, and painting it Nantucket Blue (a color used for the old camaro muscle cars).


White Stripes and Chrome Bronco


We had a few renderings done, by our good friend Matt at Bernal Auto Style, of the Bronco so that our client, Ron, could visualize what he was going to be getting.


See a couple of other the styles: (tell us which one you like in the comments!)

Black on Black Bronco


What's Next? 


First we will paint the firewall and dash with this color before dropping in the 347 engine and redoing all the wiring.


classic muscle car camaro blue



We're going to be having the 347 engine custom built for this rig ....



347 Engine



Now that the Bronco bodywork is finished -  all sealed up, filled in, and new floor pans - she's ready for the spray-on bed liner!






























New floor pans have been welded in by our expert fabricator - John Russo himself!


1972 Bronco


New floorpans for 1972 Bronco restoration


New Bronco Floorpans


Cut out original Bronco floorpans


Cut out the 72 Bronco floor pans


1972 Bronco restoration in florida




Here is the 1972 Bronco when we picked it up. We might be Jeepers, but we have to admit these Broncos are really awesome rigs!

white bronco


white 1972 Bronco on trailer

Cleaning up Grandpa’s Car with this 1978 Mercedes Restoration

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mercedes star emblem image

We LOVE cars with a story and this 1978 Mercedes restoration has a pretty cool one….

Our most recent project in the shop is a 1978 Mercedes being cleaned up by a family in memory of their late-grandpa.


Scroll down to see the photos of the project in process.


So far we have cleaned this classic mercedes up underneath, inside the trunk and under the hood. Then we repainted it Sapphire Black using a black primer.


We worked with Diesel Mercedes and Autohaus for all of our used and new parts that went into this restoration.


Would you like to work with us on your restoration project?

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Progress Photos of the 1978 Mercedes Restoration....



This week we wet-sanded the whole car with 1200, 2000, and 3000 grit to get it ready for a 3 stage buff. Once we put on the polished moldings and other goodies this 1978 Mercedes restoration moves on to the next steps which are a mechanical tune-up and custom made interior...



Watch John at Palm Beach Customs as he works on buffing out the Mercedes and gives you a few tips...


Started to put on the parts that we can before buffing! See below


The amber fog lights you see below are a super special and very hard to find. We were able to find a pair with Diesel Mercedes along with new headlights and the bezels.



New tail light lenses: 





The chrome bumpers cleaned up really nice with some Mothers and a little buffing: 




Front Park Light Tip:


In case you are restoring an older Mercedes like this one, you will need to buy a new bulb socket to fit into the new park lenses on the front!



light socket for mercedes


78 mercedes front park light




The next few pictures show the original moldings and that we were able to clean up and get ready for re-installment...



All the chrome side moldings were cleaned and polished to like new condition



We always suggest labeling everything as you take it off the car so that reinstallment is simplified. 




Here's the hood after being painted Black Sapphire and waiting to be mounted back on.










All the door jams have been painted...










New and Used Parts have Arrived!!













Heres the Mercedes Before the Restoration

78 Mercedes Benz Restoration


Mercedes Restoration in Florida Before and After


old mercedes before restoration in florida


240D mercedes rear door


Interior of mercedes


A Love for the Tri-Five Chevy from Our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Specialist in Florida

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classic and muscle car specialist in naples florida

Tri-Five Chevy Love from our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Specialist in Florida


The Tri Five Chevy is accompanied with a powerful V8 engine yielding 162 horsepower proving to be the most influential model in its years. During mid 50s the Tri-Five series referring the Chevy 150,210, Bel air and Nomad was an exclusive series for the generation.



The legendary Chevys has still been the cult favorite because of its rear-wheel drive out and a powerful thumping engine under the hood. With the High compression, short stroke design and a modified Overhead valve rather than a side valve turned this hot rod the favorite one for the riders.

classic and muscle car restoration specialist in florida


Being not just a muscle car restoration  specialists, the Palm Beach Customs also encourage the spirit inside you to go for your classic dream car. Start building your fantasy car right here at Palm Beach, Florida. We have everything that you need in our one-stop store. Since 80s Palm Beach has been in the restoration and customization business. Hurry up, call us here and keep chasing your dream car.




Though we endless offers for customizations and repair, our services include:



  • Custom Restoration Services – Are you muddled with which color to go with? Never mind we can help you with that. We provide high quality custom paints along with other restoration options be it a new firewall, grill or new top. Take it easy if you don't find the right thing for you, our inventory will surely satisfy your needs. Palm Beach will even safely deliver your product right at your doorstep.


  • Steel Replacement Bodies – Here at Palm Beach we offer just the right replacements fro your car. Chevrolet's Tri-five series has the Royal Vintage styling. So be it a Hardtop, 2 – door Sedan or even Convertible, we ensure that you get the authentic parts for your car. Being a veteran player in this business, we have an outstanding and exemplary inventory only for you.









Do you have a project build in mind? Or is that Batmobile dream bugging you now? We provide Steel Bodies which are licensed (GM, Chrysler, Ford) and handcrafted to perfection.




With assured quality we also provide steel bodies and chassis from top manufactures in the State like Dynacorn, Art Morrison (Yes!) and Omix-Ada. The following three stages sum up the work we do




Does you dream car still lay in your fantasy world? Fret not, we are here to dig through your dreams and turn them real. The Steel Bodies we provide are licensed (GM, Chrysler, Ford) and handcrafted to perfection. Oh yes! Our steel bodies and chassis are manufactured from Dynacorn, Art Morrison and Omix-Ada. Here are following three stages of work that we do -




  • Full Custom Build – A turn-key finished product from Paint to the Engine, everything


  • Steel Body – We deliver what you choose.




Have a Tri-Five Chevy or other classic/muscle car in need of some TLC from our Classic and Muscle Car Restoration Specialists in Florida?



Get in Touch!



You might also find this related post interesting - Short History of the Tri-Five Chevy



classic and muscle car restoration in florida



Top 3 of the Best Classic and Muscle Cars to Restore

Classic Car Restoration, Muscle Car RestorationMay 31, 20170 Comment

One of the Top Car restoration Services

If you’re looking to start your next classic or muscle car restoration project, we decided to create a list of the Top 3 Classic and Muscle Cars to Restore if you’re looking for ease of finding parts and for resale.


Here are Your Top 3 of the Best Classic and Muscle Cars to Restore…



Top 3 of the Best Classic and Muscle Cars to Restore in Florida


  • 1955-1957 Chevrolet Bel Air a.k.a The Tri-Five Chevys


These make the list not just because they are our favorites, but also because you can find just about every part you need to build yourself either a brand new Tri-Five or to completely restore an original body. Whether you're looking to build from a new steel replacement body or restore an original car, there is no shortage of these cars thanks to the popularity and the massive production of these classics back in the day.



These classic cars have a huge following all around the world, which makes them easy to sell at a good price (if you're looking to capitalize on your build). We've found that demand for the 1955-1957 Chevrolet Bel Air has never faltered and we doubt it ever will. This has to do with the history of the Tri-Five Chevy  to its status as the iconic American car.



Wondering which of the Tri-Five Chevys are most affordable? The 1955 models (2-door sedan, 2-door hardtop, and then convertible) are your best bet but you can't go wrong with a 1956 or 1957.



Most importantly, do your homework and keep your eyes out!


classic and muscle car restoration in florida





  • 1965-1970 Ford Mustang a.k.a The Pony Car




Just about everyone loves the 1965-1970 Mustang which is one of America's iconic muscle cars and was at the forefront of the muscle car wars. Now, we're not here to debate today - but Mustangs make an ideal first project for a novice looking to get into the classic and muscle car restoration world. Practically any part you could ever need is a quick click away or an easy flip through a catalog. There are numerous companies that supply all the parts and accessories you need for your restoration or build.



The Pony Car has a huge following and numerous clubs filled with people willing to help out a novice. With tons of original Mustangs available for projects and new steel body options licensed by Ford on the market, you can't go wrong with the ease of the build. Their popularity also ensures that once you're done - these early muscle cars will practically sell themselves for you.



1965-1967 Mustang Fastback and Convertible steel bodies in florida





  • 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro


Just like the Mustang, everything you need to build or restore a '67-'69 Camaro is practically at your fingertips. Terry McGean at Hemmings Muscle Machines calls the 1969 Camaro the "32 Ford of today" and we have to agree with him.



muscle car restoration specialist in ft myers



No matter how rusty your project car is (but we do suggest finding a solid Camaro body to save you time, money, and sweat) you can find a reproduction part to replace it. There will always be a huge demand for these cars - at least for the remainder of our lifetimes - and you can't lose out by choosing to restore one.



Top 3 of the Best classic and muscle cars to restore in florida




Hope you liked the Top 3 of the Best Classic and Muscle Cars to Restore list that we came up with. Which cars do would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments.



You might also be interested in this post about the Dodge Challenger which is another great, easy to restore muscle car.



If you're looking to restore a car or build one, we'd love to work with you.







Can You Still Find Original Classic and Muscle Cars for Restoration?

Classic Car RestorationMay 29, 20170 Comment

classic and muscle car restoration in florida

Looking for Original Classic and Muscle Cars for Your Restoration?

We get the question a lot: Is it still possible to find good, original classic and muscle cars for restoration projects?


The short answer is: Yes - if you know where to look.


Watch this short video to hear more about finding those original classic and muscle cars for restoration!



Here are a couple examples of our secret stashes ..... 🙂


We have a few contacts out West with 450 cars. You can see the picture below with the blue Chevelles. A bunch of the '69-70 Chevelles and the square bodies.


classic and muscle car restoration in florida


You can also see the '69-70 Novas here. Whenever you're looking for a classic car to restore, try to look in areas that have dry climates - like Oklahoma, Nevada, California, or the Dakotas. 



classic and muscle car restoration shop in naples florida


new steel body replacements for classic cars in florida



Hunting Down The Perfect Original Classic and Muscle Cars - if Only We Could Restore Them All!

We've recently come across this original muscle car that would make a great restoration starter, this 1969 RS Camaro. This prime example is a an original with a small-block 350. It's unmolested - never taken apart with the matching vin number, transmission, rear-end, and no serious rust.


Of course, as with all of these finds, it does need a little bit of metal work on the nose. But really - you can't find something better.



can you find original classic and muscle cars for restoration?



can you still find classic and muscle cars for restoration?



classic and muscle car restoration in florida

We Know Where to Find the Original Classic Cars for Restoration...



We know the whereabouts of about 25 Tri-Five Chevrolets from the 1955-57 Chevy 2 Door Sedans, Hardtops, 4-Door Wagons, and more.


This picture here is a white and tan 1956 Chevrolet from California. This one happens to come with a freshly built motor. All good parts, a small block with high-performance additions like big warheads and aluminum intake and carb.



can you still find original classic and muscle cars for restoration?



Can You Still Find Original Classic and Muscle Cars for Restoration?



classic car shop in florida


Here's a 1957 Chevy we've come across that would make an awesome classic car restoration project for anyone looking.



Tri-Five Chevy Original Restorations and New Steel Bodies in Florida


Can You Still Find Original Classic and Muscle Cars for Restoration?



We also have a ton of cars - the old 40s and 50s Pickups, Chevys and Fords - for all you classic truck lovers.



Not looking for an original classic and muscle car to restore per say?


1965-1967 Mustang Fastback and Convertible steel bodies in florida


While Palm Beach Customs specializes in classic and muscle car restorations for our customers who bring their own cars to us, we love to help people find a classic they are interested in and restore it for them as well as creating a turn-key build from the new steel body replacements we have available.



We are happy to offer our clients the new steel body replacements and chassis for these cars: 


Tri-Five Chevys 


1967-1969 Camaro 


1966-1967 Chevy II/Nova


1970 Challenger


1970 Chevelle


1940 Ford Coupe


1965-1970 Mustangs


1947-1957 Chevy Trucks


1978-1986 Jeep CJ-7


Chassis Options!


These steel bodies are all Licensed by either GM, Ford, or Mopar which ensures the quality of your build. If it wasn't a great product - we wouldn't recommend it!



chassis for classic and muscle cars in florida




Hope you enjoyed this post because while we can't restore every car out there we can share the cars we know about with all you other classic and muscle car enthusiasts.




Contact us if you have a classic or muscle car in need of some TLC



You might also be interested in reading this post here: Cool Classic Cars: A 1967 Chevrolet Corvette with a Story

Taking it Way Back with 1927 Buick in Our Classic Car Shop in Florida

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classic car shop

There are Classic cars, and then there are vintage ones – like the 1927 Buick Restoration we did in our Classic Car shop in Florida 


The 1927 Buick was among the leading American classic motor cars.




With upgraded straight-8 engine and multiple body styles this car revisited with new establishment of GM B platform. Buick started its journey in 1916.



It also had a Series D, E, H and K. They were available in roadster, sedan, coupe also as touring car. Additional numeric designations for the body styles were given for each series. The D series had 44, 45, 46 and 47. The E, H and K along with had the same designations added 49, 50 for longer wheelbases and bodywork.



Later the buick also introduced there few other body styles which includes the Pullman Saloon, Country Club and Town Car. Buick was also manufactured from GM's Japanese factory at Osaka Assembly in Japan. The 120, 121 and 129 designation was even launched from the year 1925, including changes in the wheelbase.

Here's the 1927 Buick Roadster Restoration in our Classic Car Shop in Florida

This car belonged to a man named Greg who got this car from his Dad. This one in particular was very rare because it came in a yellow/olive color paint color. Usually the handpainted cars only came in blacks with yellow.


1927 Buick Restoration Palm Beach Customs






We used PPG Deltron to get the original color match and Concept 2020 clear by PPG .


Full restoration of a 1927 Buick Roadster Classic pre-war oldtimer.



The leather interior was completed by our good friend, Russell Smith at Valley Auto Top.



Palm Beach Customs prides itself as one of the best classic car shop in Florida capable of handling any classic car you have that needs TLC or more. We are in this business since the '80s and so if you really have any project in mind then don't hesitate.



We as the veterans in classic and muscle car restoration are there to handle everything that fills your plate. Here are few packages for you to properly understand what we offer





Full restoration of a 1927 Buick Roadster Classic pre-war oldtimer.




  • 1. Steel Body – The better idea is to start from square one. So if you do have a build project in place then we can provide every raw materials. All our steel bodies are MOPAR licensed and produced according to the factory specifications. We assure enhanced quality thus provide original parts and chassis.



  • 3. Turn – Key Finished Product –Given the busy way of life many do not have time to build their own cars so we allow you to relax at home and let us do all the hard for you. Provide us all the details about your dream machine and we will get them in shape. Don't worry about the shipment, we take care of that as well. We take all the responsibility to get your product home.



classic car shop in florida



Assured Quality and authentic products are what we offer along with that satisfaction we strive for. Palm Beach Customs has the best team which would take care all of your car woes and give you a cruising automobile.




Do check out our website for the testimonials and videos which clearly show the work we do. We are dedicated professionals at your service.




classic and muscle car restoration in florida



Who to Watch in Our Classic Car Shop in Florida

Classic Car RestorationMay 15, 20170 Comment

We Love to Watch Netflix in our Classic Car Shop in Florida at PBC – Who’s Your Favorite?


Wanna know what one of our favorite binge-worthy Netflix shows we love to watch in our classic car shop in Florida at Palm Beach Customs? Well – we have a few that we like to watch, but West Coast Customs with Ryan Friedlinghaus definitely ranks as one of our go-to shows.


Take a look at one of the tri-five chevy restorations they did –


tri-five chevy classic car shop in florida



We definitely have no issue admiring the work of a high quality classic car restoration that someone else did. And watching these guys on Netflix keeps us inspired and gives us new ideas.




Today, we’re going to talk about Tri-Five Chevy Restorations and Turn-key Builds 


At Palm Beach Customs, we strive to achieve the same in our classic car shop as many of the guys in these shows – which is to build dream rides for our clients!



The Tri-Five at Our Classic Car Shop in Florida


We know that car restoration of any level can be a challenging and time intense job. But the payoff is always worth it. Currently, we are really into the Tri-Five Chevys and have a few steel body replacement packages, turn-key builds, and original restorations offered at our shop.


Check out one of the renderings we’re getting started:


classic car shop in florida 1956 Chevrolet turn-key build



Get in Touch with Us if you want this for yourself 


Starting with one of the new tri-five Chevy steel bodies allows our clients to build a new classic from scratch either with our help or on their own if they have whole lot of dedication and persistence. Having additional hands, like the experts at Palm Beach Customs, could help you significantly – even if we help you out with a part of your build like the custom paint or chassis.


Palm Beach Customs prides itself on being a trusted partner to our clients during their classic car restoration projects. For the Tri-Five Chevy steel bodies we offer the 2 Door Hard Top, 2 Door Sedan, and Convertibles bodies and sheetmetal parts which you can buy off our store or with us directly.


If you have an orginal body – we are here for you too. Our classic car shop in Florida specializes in bringing these old cars back to life – in a condition better than new.



Check out some of our classic car services

Steel body packages 

or head over to the About Us page to read about PBC!



What shows do you watch on Netflix? Let us know in the comments! 



classic car shop in florida


Restoring Cars like the 1940 Ford in Our Classic Car Shop in Florida

Classic Car RestorationMay 13, 20170 Comment

classic car restoration ft myers

Doing up the 1940 Ford’s in Palm Beach Customs’ Classic Car Shop in Florida


The ’40 Ford is one of the most iconic classic vehicle introduced during its period. It included a V8 engine and stylish appeal that made it a hot-rod for the every rodder.



There were few major updates in the 1940 model. With slightly smaller V8 engine, straight-six engine and sealed-beam headlight this model was one of the most advanced model. The high flat-topped hood dominated the front look of the ’40 model, inheriting the 1939 model, while a hydraulic top was new on the convertible.


classic car shop in florida



The body of the ’40 Ford model was available in two door couple, convertible and two or four door sedan, station wagon. With a wheel base of 2,845mm and whooping 136 CID (2.2 L) or 221CID (3.6L) powertrain this modernized model was one to hold the class during this period.



The drivers used the Fords of this generation in namely among the stock car racing providing the foundation of the dirt track racing style.


Classic Car Restoration Shop in Ocala Florida



Here at Palm Beach Customs, we are there to provide exclusive restoration services to cars, like the 1940 Ford, in our classic car shop in Florida.


The Palm Beach Customs takes care of every service that you expect when you visit a classic car shop in Florida.


Here in Florida, our team will assure that any problem with your classic ride doesn’t keep you off the road for too long. If there is any damage or even rust, we can get it done. With high-quality urethane base coat and high solids clear coat we would obtain you the perfect finesse of the 1940 Ford. At PBC we provide exclusive car restoration services including classic vehicles like the 1940 Ford.


Teds 1940 Ford in our classic car shop


Read More About Ted’s 1940 Ford Restoration project Here 



Being in business since the 80s we specialize in automotive restoration be it the body metal work or paint refinishing.


More about What We Do in our Classic Car Shop


Our work here is basically classified in this these 3 categories:


Restoration Services:


If you have an original old classic or muscle car in need of some TLC we will be happy to help you make that happen. Check out our Classic Car Restorations and Muscle Car Restoration service pages for more.


Turn Key finished product:


Since it is not always possible manage time to build your own project, so we offer you fully custom build of your choice. Choose your own chassis or the frame, the color and all the materials and that is it. We will ship your product in minimum time. You can see one of our Turn-Key Build packages here.

Contact us to talk about your custom build! 


Steel Body:


We have extensive range of steel bodies, with recessive firewall, to deck lid and doors. So if you are wondering if we have the 1940 Ford, just step in find the surprises. Our products here don't fall of authenticity. They are all licensed and manufactured from companies. See more about our Steel Body Packages here




When you require restoration with services provided for body and paint, get your classic vehicle at Palm Beach. Our team will ensure that you get the ultimate satisfaction. Once your car is complete we will dispatch it in no time.



Don't forget to check the videos and testimonials on our website. It will get you an idea how things are done here in PBC.


New Steel Body Replacement for Classic Cars in Florida

Who is Your Go-to for Steel Bodies & Classic Car Restoration in Florida? (PBC – duh)

About Us, Classic Car RestorationApril 15, 20170 Comment

1969 mustang convertible muscle car restoration palm beach customs

Steel Bodies and Classic Car Restoration in Florida with Palm Beach Customs


It's probably pretty obvious if you've looked at our site, that we are first and foremost your go-to for anything to do with muscle or classic car restoration in Florida.




But we also have a few more tricks up our sleeves (after 34 years you would hope so, right?). Palm Beach Customs also offers new replacement steel bodies and sheet metal for select classic and muscle cars.



These are the Tri-Five Chevy, 47-57 Chevy Trucks, 67-69 Camaro, 70 Chevelle and Challenger, 66-67 Nova, 65-70 Mustang, CJ-7 Jeep, and Art Morrison chassis.



The steel bodies are made by a Florida company and all the steel bodies are licensed by GM, Ford, Chrysler, or Mopar. We only work with reliable manufacturers so we can safely say that we sell and use products of excellent quality.



Learn More About Our Steel Body Services


Palm Beach Customs offer something truely unique to our steel body customers!

When you purchase a steel body from us, you have 3 options to choose from:


  • Bare Bones - Steel Body Only Option

This is for our customers who want to build from the bottom up themselves.

classic car restoration in florida


  • Custom Paint from Palm Beach Customs

This second option allows our customers to get their steel body with a paint color of their choice. We use high quality epoxy primers, base coats, and high-solid clears. This also includes a 3-stage wetsand and buff before delivery.

  • Turn-Key Build

This option offers our clients a complete build where we work with you to bring your dream car to life. We do the engine, interior, chassis.... everything to make your steel body to life. See a turn key build for a Tri-Five here



1969 fastback mustang muscle car restoration palm beach customs




1969 fastback mustang muscle car restoration palm beach customs




1969 fastback mustang muscle car restoration palm beach customs



See our Restoration work over here or even better - get in touch with us to start your classic car restoration in Florida





classic car restoration in florida

Start Your Tri-Five Chevy Turnkey Build with Palm Beach Customs

Classic Car Restoration, New Car BuildsApril 11, 20170 Comment

Order your Tri Five Chevrolet

For us, it all started with the Tri-5 Chevys… Read more about our start over here if you’re curious.


Start Your Very Own Tri-Five Chevy Build in Florida with us at Palm Beach Customs…


Are you looking for that car that reminds you of your younger years? Do you want to turn heads as you drive by or feel the need to get in a classic hot rod to cruise around in?


You've found the right place because at Palm Beach customs we know the feeling and with over 34 years of experience we can help you with your tri-five chevy build in Florida.


See Our Classic Car Restoration Work Here


At 14 years old, John (owner of PBC), restored his first Chevy and he's never looked back.


But you have something that he didn't have back in the day!


Palm Beach Customs can now build you a Tri-five Chevy with ALL NEW, Chevrolet Licensed steel bodies for the 1955-57 Hardtop , Sedan and Convertible.


 Palm Beach is only building these for 3 customers - so get your order in now! 




Talk to Us Before Ordering! 


Working with Palm Beach Customs



Having completed over 1,000 full restorations, Palm Beach Customs' primary focus is now the classic and muscle car restorations because that's what we love to do.


We do all aspects of major restoration work so that we can oversee every step of the restoration process and ensure the quality of the work being done for your build.


Read more in About Us 


The PBC Difference: 


30+ years experience


Small, dedicated team


Free Delivery by us to your door step!


We Oversee Every Aspect of the Build


Dedicated to Building the Best


What's Included in Your Tri-Five Chevy Build





  • Choice of an Original Chevy body OR a Brand New Steel Body (Hardtop 2-Door or Convertible) Made in the USA





  • Powder-coated or Refinished with Customers Choice of Automotive Paint


  • Vintage Air tri-5 chevy package



  • Custom Made Wiring Package


  • Complete High-end Custom Interior or Original Style Interior


  • Rim and tire package of your choice


  • Stainless Exhaust System




If someone wants to do an "old school build" with original frame and specific engine we can do a build sheet on that as well - just get in touch with us to discuss it! 



Contact Us Now to Start Your Custom Tri-Five Chevy Build in Florida with Us at Palm Beach Customs 






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