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Classic Car Restoration In Florida

by | May 9, 2018 | Classic Car Restoration, Cool Cars, New Car Builds, Restoration

The classic car restoration of a Tri-5 Chevy is how it all started here at Palm Beach Customs…..

John restored a 57′ Nomad wagon after picking it up at Carlisle Hershey Car Show in Pennsylvania. A total restoration was done after 2500 man hours and that led to John doing quite a few cars, and opening PBC.

Here is a video showing you photos of some classic car restorations done at PBC.

Best Classic Car Restoration

41′ Lincoln Zephyr

This restoration was done for Craig Walkins, the owner of Seattle Mariner. He grew up a Microsoft child and ended up being vice president. He also went to school with bill gates and a few of the other guys from New England area.

The 41′ Lincoln Zephyr has a V12 engine in it, all new braided wiring harness and gold plate on the dash. All the bezzles were gold plated and had a full leather hide from Europe. This was a 2500 man hour job.

Fun facts about the 41′ Lincoln Zephyr:

The 41′ Lincoln Zephyr was designed by Raymond Loewy, who also designed the Concord plane, the Coke bottle, and the Dominos logo. Loewy was hired by Ford to come up with a new design for the Lincoln and he did a great job. What’s so special about the car is that Ford decided to weld the body to the chassis, creating a Unibody and a heavy duty car.

Here is a video that shows an old Lincoln Zephyr commercial.


Below is a photo of the Lincoln Zephyr all done with restoration

Below is a good shot of the front of the car, you can also see the show quality paint shining very well

Cool Fact: The steering wheels were made out of soybean at the time before fiberglass, and when you ordered your car, the car comes gold plated 

Below is John Russo standing with the restored Lincoln Zephyr

27′ Buick Roadster

This restoration was a father and son project, originally painted with a brush back in 1927. You were lucky for Grey and Black and that car ended up being painted Yellow, Olive and Black tricolor with the golf doors. Pretty cool.


Below is a photo of the roadster in the shop in the Car-o Liner 

Rolls Royce

We did this 51′ Silvercloud build for a local collector in Ft. Myers who owned a big company that did electrical systems for the U.S. defense before he retired.
PBC helped bring his car back to life. We also did some mechanical and upholstery work on the project.

Here is the Rolls Royce finished with restoration.

Here is a video of the Rolls Roye being driven shortly after the completion of the restoration. 

Cadillac El Dorado

This El Dorado was one of the first front-wheel drive American cars and it was also kinda difficult to find parts for the car because they only made 17,000.

However, Lin Steel Rubber was able to come thru with some of the parts. They actually made a lot of the rubber pieces for the trunk, door jams, and garments to be able to put the car together. The car left with a 429 big block, all new wiring chrome, full paint, leather interior with embroidered caddie logos and new vinyl top.


Below is a nice photo of the front of the Cadillac, you can also see the show quality paint up close.

36′ Ford


This was a 1936 Ford coupe five-window that John restored. It was done with an all original frame and had super bell front axel done old school with a small block Chevy turbo 400.

Below is a demonstrative photo of what the client wanted the car to look like. 


That’s just a little sample of some of the cars that we have done here at the shop.
If there’s something we can help you with, feel free to hit us in the comments or contact us.
We’d be glad to help you!



  1. Daniel L Johnson Sr

    I have a 1993 Suburban that has been in our family since it was new. We have looked at the new ones but they are not as spacious as our “93. I would like fo interior, paint and update the AC and Electronics. Basically our truck with a new heart. The engine is very string no leaks etc.

    • John Russo

      Daniel you can contact us thru the contact button on the website and send me some photos of what you have then we can take it from there Reply

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