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It’s An Addiction – Classic Porsche Restoration

by | Dec 8, 2013 | Classic Car Restoration, Custom Paint, Gallery, Restoration

Found Yourself with a Classic Porsche Restoration Addiction?

Yea I want to warn you in advance The Porsche addiction happens once you Own a Porsche and strap yourself inside the seat …. well its over. Palm Beach Customs has done more than its fair share of classic Porsche restorations.

What am I talking about?

Well simply put…. you are officially ruined. You will never look at driving another car the same.

It’s a Porsche thing – you become one with the car.  It’s part bond, part Adrenaline rush – part passion – and The experience of actually going faster and the faster you go the safer you feel the cars become more glued to the road the more you push them 🙂

The Porsche Addiction is not curable, but it’s manageable

The Good thing about My classic Porsche addiction is they are a great investment.

If you do your due – diligence and purchase a low mile car you would have to really work hard to lose money.

I would compare it to investing in Gold Or Silver they are a universal Language everyone understands the value it does not matter where you live.

 Below here is a 1989 930 turbo with the G-50 transmission with 27k on the clock

This car is The 930-T It is  on the top of the Food Chain

and top of the line for the air-cooled turbos

with the best of the best with the G-50 transmission still though a force to be reckoned with the turbo kicks in and its UN-ruly power will scare even the aggressive in nature comparing the 996Twin turbo that unleashes the beast at a very consistent predictable pace the 930 is not so consistent therefore great respect MUST be used when walking on the edge of Destruction!

 The 930 t was a plug and play car needing just routine maintenance I actually had a great relationship with a good friend that was a top Man at Inskip Porsche he would send me all his favorite customers so when this Porsche came in I quickly snapped it up a few years later When I upgraded I made a cool $7500.00 dollars pretty cool way to go get paid $7500.00 to own & put 15,000 miles on the clock !

This was My 996 twin turbo 

 This car here is the 1983 911 SC and one of my favorites!I bought this with 43,000 miles on the clock from Beverly Mass that’s a high-end town where Lotus corp was founded.

This car was so clean that when I went to look at it the seller asked me If I wanted to take it for a ride and I declined I said give me your bank wire instructions.

I will be back in a week to pick it up 🙂

 As you see the story continues with my Porsche Restoration Addiction

The car was a true spotless original

But it had a few stone chips on it that only I would notice it was the famous Porsche red the tint has 3/4 of the color made by a Scarlet red tint.

In this case, I mixed 3 or 4 test batches with different variations starting out with primary color position and was unhappy with the match!

We have a Debeer mixing bank, and a Spies – and could not come up with the perfect match.Luckily I was good friends with a local shop that uses Standox A European paint line that was bought out by DuPont — to my avail, it was a dead nuts match 🙂

Classic Porsche restoration

Applying the Finishing Touches …

What we did here on this was an unobtrusive paint job we removed all door handles and belt moldings a and took 8 hours taping the car off. Once the car was Cut and Buffed you could not tell it was ever painted.

Keep in mind when we look at a job at hand its not always best to strip a car to nothing that would do more damage than good 🙂

These cars were way ahead of there time and when you can get 29.5 mpg at 90mph and have a blast doing it it must be saying something.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and story of It’s an Addiction – Classic Porsche Restoration

You might also like to check out this 1970 GSXRestoration we did – I think it’s safe to say we’re just addicted to all classic and muscle cars!

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