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Commercial Fleet Truck Lettering Packages And Custom Car Graphics For Nearly Two Decades.

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Bedliner, Latest Projects, Lettering

Commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

Palm Beach Customs is no stranger to truck and car graphics. We have been providing top quality commercial fleet truck lettering packages and custom car graphics for nearly two decades.

Many of our customers realize that in today’s economy a business must take advantage of all the ways to market their business and get in front of their potential clients and to brand their company for the success they are looking for. Some clients use their personal vehicles and/or a few company cars while other clients have a large fleet of vehicles at their disposal. Here at Palm Beach Customs, we can provide both of these types of clients with the business advertising they need with truck and car graphics.

We provide:

  • Design from concept to reality
  • Fleet  refinishing
  • Fleet lettering
  • Spray on bedliners
  • Complete branding packages

Below is a local company, Cape Coral Plumbing, that we installed a spray on bedliner inside their utility body and up and over the tool boxes. Along with a commercial fleet lettering package, we did a complete logo design installation on their brand new F-450 work-truck. The choice of colors on the white body was very simple blue for the plumbing and red for the heating.

Once again we Sprayed a Heavy duty Sprayon Bedliner for the cape coral plumbing truck.

Another example of another very big client that has a large fleet of trucks is Fagan Door Company located in Rhode Island. The fleet of trucks they operate are two colors – dark green metallic and jet black. Their logo is a 4 leaf clover where we used 22 karat ¼ inch engine turn gold leaf with a green outline. The design is easy to read and very clean you will notice both clients put their web domain names on the trucks. As a matter of fact, Fagan chooses to only put their domain names without phone numbers (

Not only are we limited to truck and car graphics, but we also do boat, trailer, and business sign graphics/ lettering.

If you have a truck, car or enclosed trailer we can help you get your message out and increase your sales to your local market with the graphics you need. We serve SWFL: Lee County Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and all surrounding areas.  Feel free to contact us and we will set up a time to discuss your project!

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