This Complete 1969 Camaro Coupe with Factory A/C Firewall, Drip Rails, Quarter Panels, Top Skin, Doors & Deck Lip has the potential to win your heart

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1967 camaro coupe


If you’ve been looking for a gorgeous outer body for a new custom car, which would also have the quality along with the looks, we’ve got you. Often at times, it is hard to be able to find parts which would look good together, or they might not be of a high quality. In that case, you wouldn’t have to compromise on anything if you’re getting a complete, fully assembled body, which includes most of the things. This will free you infinitely of the hundreds of different things you would’ve had to worry about if you were buying the parts separately. It is always a nuisance to look for separate parts, then get them assembled, which is costly, time consuming, as well as risky.

1969 Camaro Coupe complete at pbc

1969 Camaro Coupe complete

We, at Palm Beach Customs, are proud to be offering a beautiful 1969 Camaro Coupe complete, which is complete, including almost all of the things you might need to be there in a car’s body to get started with your custom car. The body is brand new, made with the highest quality 18 Gauge Steel from AMD. The complete body has everything already installed and assembled in it, along with the Quarter Panels, Rear Deck Panel & Rear Body Panel too. It also includes the hinged and fitted doors, with the deck lid installed as well.

1969 Camaro Coupe complete body

The assembly of the car parts has all been done by highly experienced professional, with a large amount of care and precision in the work, so that everything is done up to the mark. The car’s body will not be causing any problems in the future.

1969 Camaro Coupe complete

Another thing that has been expertly dealt with is the look of the body, which is made sure to be exactly the same as the 1969 Camaro. Nothing has been changed, so that it still looks exactly like the 1969 version of the car. However, slight alterations might have been done to the quality of the body, only to make it stay fit for today’s time, and also not damage very easily.

More than anything, the product is licensed by the GM too, which is one of all the reasons why you can trust us for coming up to your expectations. Check the product page here.

For any further queries, you can give our FAQ Page a visit.

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