Complete Front End Sheet Metal Package With V8 Core Support to Restore the New Look of your 1955 Chevy

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1955-chevy steel body


All of us have cars to us that we hold very dear, and cars which we try to keep as well maintained as possible. However, unfortunately, age is not our friend, and everything starts to wear out with time. Even if the car has been taken care of, it doesn’t stop the car parts from getting damaged. However, all hope is not lost, and you can still get your car repaired in such a way that it looks just like new, while still keeping the old, vintage look.

1955 chevy front end package

This 1955 chevy front end package is an all in one to help you manage your entire maintenance once and for all. It is the complete package of the front end front end sheet metal, in black color, and this includes all the things you will need to get the front end of your car completely recovered and new.

1955 chevy front end sheet package

It is all new, nothing old used, and made of very high quality steel, coated generously with Black EDP to help it resist against all kinds of damage and wearing out like nothing else.

The Front end package include all the sheet metal  parts you will need, which include the Outer Fenders, which come with Top Cowl Brackets. Apart from this, the package includes Inner Fenders along with Extensions, a Hood, a Radiator Core Support along with Forward Splash Pan, Filler Panels, and Lower Fender Aprons. All of these, when combined and assembled together, while form the complete front end of your Chevy 1955-56, and it will look glamorous and new, along with being upgraded in a way so that the only difference between this and the original metal sheet would be of the quality, which is higher and upgraded in this case.

1955 chevy front end package

The metal sheet comes in a black coating, which looks amazing and provides protection, along with the steel which makes up the entire body of the different parts of this package, all of whom contributing to a car body which is much more supportive, as well as strong and resistant to damage when compared to the last one, so that the upgrade benefits the car as well as you, and turns out to be worth the price. Visit the product page here.

Check tri-five steel body video here.

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