Complete Steel Front Fender Reproductions for 1968 Camaro in Florida

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1967 camaro coupe


The 1968 Chevy Camaro was the biggest hit model after ‘67. What really steals the show in this model is its upgraded suspension, big engines and special equipment features.

Chevrolet ‘68 Camaro dominated its era with its sleek design, high-tech performance and excellent features.

Does your ‘68 Camaro Front end looks completely mucked up? You know, first generation of Chevy Camaro has many parts on its front end. Having to repair or replace any of the part can be really daunting! But not to worry, when you have Palm Beach Customs at your service.

1968 Camaro complete Non-RS Sheet Metal

Opt for this 1968 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal designed for the front end of ‘68 Camaro (Non-RS) right away. Most technically sound and precise in construction, you will find these reproductions fit perfectly with your Camaro’s standard trim.

These Steel Front Fender Reproductions will effortlessly replace all basic front parts on your ‘68 Camaro. Thus, making its front end look all new and fresh!

1968 Camaro Non-RS front-end Sheet Metal

The complete package of 1968 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal includes:

  • pair of fenders with extension,
  • core support,
  • top cowl grille,
  • hood,
  • header panel,
  • pair of fender diagonal braces,
  • hood latch support,
  • lower valance and
  • pair of inner fenders.

High-strength 18-gauge steel is originally from Auto Metal Direct.

All Steel Reproductions are RDS (Real Deal Steel) Exclusives and licensed by GM!

1968 Camaro Non-RS Sheet Metal

Now, start afresh and completely transform your ‘68 Non-RS (Non-Rally Sport) Camaro into its new avatar. Palm Beach Customs is here to take care of all your car restoration needs! Visit the product page here.

Our work at Palm Beach Customs:

Based in Florida, Palm Beach Customs specializes in car restoration and repairing works on classic as well as muscle cars!

If you want to customize the whole look of your car, Palm Beach Customs service is exactly what you need! From custom paint to complete styling, add-ons, transforming configuration, etc. everything can be done here at PBC, Florida.

Over the years, Palm Beach Customs has grown to just love car restoration work. So much so that it’s like customizing our own car! No car restoration job is too minimal or big for us! Our skilled team excels in customization jobs and you can check out different cars customized by us in user testimonials!

Have any more questions? For more information about PBC services, check out our FAQ page here.


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