1988 Burb Life 4×4 Suburban

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1988 Burb Life 4×4 Suburban  

Truck 1988 Burb Life Now 30
Years Old that has been
(only for cool People ) 

Video Here 


Burb Life

Brand New ENGINE 5.7  v8 ( 350 ci) 
 comes with 3-year unlimited mile warranty 
This Truck started out as a very clean Washington Truck with 140 k miles on it 1 owner 
The picture below is after we steamed Cleaned the underside & Chassis BEFORE  truck project was started. Very nice clean truck to start with all original sheet metal.
1988 suburban Before RESTORATION
I picked it up and did a nice restore on it
Done Right! & Gorgeous 
Two Tone Brown Metallic and gold
Factory Gm Colors for 1988 
1988 Burb Life
This is your chance for you to Get a Nice Suburban without having to dump a ton of time or money into it. 
You should be able to get this truck at a Fair price considering all the work and money that has gone into this Project 
This truck has a Brand New Engine with 3-year unlimited engine warranty 
Brand New Factor Oem Remanufactured 5.7 V8
You can read more about that below the Body section

1988 Burb Life


Body and Paint Work 
We did a Disassemble on the interior and installed new carpets and headliner 
The truck has full AC Including the back duel unit.
The body had factory coat on we stripped the roof and urethane primed and sealed before paint.
Hood was replaced underside was sprayed with brown base clear as well as fender edges.
The body was block sanded and the primed professional sealed entire truck was sprayed 
Brown first then the gold base
( stripes are painted instead of tape ) 
top coated 1.5 gallons With 
House Of Kolor Show clear
The body was very clean ZERO rust under door edges before the start 
doors were disassembled once the paint was completed we installed 6 full body to door weatherstrips 
We replaced all the inner door channels outer belt moldings and door lock – handle seals and new wheel well moldings as well as Bodyside Moldings

Below you will see 8 /body to door seals and a full set ( 6) doors inner channel runs belt moldings & door handle and lock seals



1988 Burb Life

Here is the List for mechanicals :
Brand New ENGINE 5.7  v8 ( 350 ci)  comes with 
3-year unlimited mile warranty 
Engine Has Brake in Hours on it only ( with Lucas zinc additive ) 
Engine  need the First oil change in 500 miles, save the receipt and all your oil change and services with your warranty paperwork 

YES, Nothing to worry about Here 

would you like to Purchase This Truck? 

Click Here 


350 CHEVY V8

You are getting a Fully rebuilt Brand New engine with 3-year unlimited mile warranty

Everything completed professionally and Neat




  • 30/over bore decked, dipped and line bored and new pistons cam
  • lifters. Full head Job, Timing chain, oil pump with screen and pick up 
  • Gm Factory Oil Pan, water pump, thermostat  as well as a 
  • New alternator & Battery 
  • Belts hoses
  • Tune up fuel filter, new 40 gallon Fuel Tank   
  • A fresh set of Rotors Drums and Brake Pads 
  • Trans service filter and fluids  
  • Differential service and fluid 
  • 4-inch Rugged Ridge Lift Kit 
  • 36 Gal Fuel Tank with fuel lines 
  • TIRES 4 Brand New GENERAL GRABER AT 33K 12.50  /50R 15 LT 
  • RIMS Factory Stock Refinished with New Hub Caps 
  • EXHAUST New  Life -Time 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust with Stainless Magna flow Mufflers 
Many People realize The Time and Money that goes into these projects especially when they have already done projects themselves 
  • $5500 for the buy and shipping 
  • $2000 for interior work 
  • $4500 for mechanical work & parts 
  • $6500 for paint 
  • $2000 for materials 
  • $1000 tires 
  • $575 exhaust 
this totals $21,575 
We Built this for the Right Client 
  • Not any cry Babies who would not appreciate a Good truck of this vintage This is a Mans truck –
  • They should go buy a New truck
  • and pull up their skirt 🙂 
Note truck is a Silverado we chose the Black and chrome lower molding instead of the full chrome.
 The custom deluxe emblems on the fenders are new we couldn’t locate new Silverado emblems and didn’t want to use old ones 🙂 
The interior is a 9.7 out of a 10 Very
needs new tunes and some dash up grades 
respectable for 30 years old almost brand New Looking.
We Installed New Carpets & headliner Ready for the new owner to add their finishing touches 

Can you find A Suburban like this? 

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At Palm Beach Customs John Russo Has Been Building Cars since 14 years old we also sell and build Brand New Steel Body Muscle Cars and Classics  Below you will see a 1969 Camaro
With Chassis Package you can order To Have a Car that will handle big horsepower and stay together, Originally the Camaro s were unibody
( no chassis ) Today we have a Bolt On Chassis Package to strengthen your Build, Handle the horsepower and have state of the art handling
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1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

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1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration


This restoration has been in progress for a while. It was originally owned by a pastor in New Mexico and was bought by PBC with only 90k original miles.


When we got it to the shop, we stripped it down to bare metal and removed all the old moldings, giving it a cleaner look. We also cleaned underneath the Blazer and added a new chassis black with undercoat. We also went with a stainless steel dual exhaust.


It has had a tune up and oil change, front end cleaned and brakes were redone as well.

It has a brand new dash, all new interior fabric (including the carpet) and a 400 small block engine.

Here is a video of the progress so far

The truck was Originally From New Mexico

Original Miles 92,000 purs like a kitten

the truck was stripped to bare metal bodywork and high-grade Black High build urethane primer 

then one gallon of Gm Emerald Green Poly with one gallon of House of Kolor UC35 Urethane clear 

ultra fine to 3000 and Buffed, 

The Top was textured and painted with Gm white 

The truck was steam cleaned and chassis Blacked along with undercoating on wheel wells 

ZERO rust on floors rockers and underside this was a dry Truck Rare for 39 years old! 

Door jambs & hood along with tailgate were prepped and colored in

along with all new body to door rubbers

doors were disassembled stripped and painted

  • new window channel runs and glass belt moldings on door panels
  • outer glass to door edges including door handles and lock gaskets
  • the windows are manual and roll up and down with ease
  • Rear tailgate glass weatherstrip inner and outer were replaced
  • New carpet installed
  • both front seats have been recovered
  • front dash was replaced
  • New headliner installed
  • the truck had a new radiator
  • new battery
  • new water pump and hoses
  • new oil change and tune
  • new tail lights
  • all dash lights and interior lights work
  • AC has been converted to  R 134 A
  • XD 17 Black Satin Rims with fresh
  • 285/70/R/17S BFG All terrain K2O
  • new 2.5-inch stainless dual exhaust
  • with Magna-Flow mufflers ( stainless ) from manifolds back
  • thick wall stainless with black Tips below the rear bumper

1979 K5 Blazer (Jimmy) Restoration

We only need 2 things from our customers:

Vision & Commitment 

As long as you can provide us with those two things,

we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.

Whether you have an original classic car or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.

Go over to our FAQ page to learn some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car you’re dreaming up!

We also offer Brand New Licensed GM steel Camaro bodies assembled in the USA 

Take a Peek here 


low-mileage 1968 convertible Camaro restoration

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1968 convertible Camaro restoration


Camaro restorationThis  50-year old Camaro rolled into the shop with only 31,000 original miles!! Now the miles isn’t the only thing that wowed us, the automatic transmission and factory blue interior is also what struck us. This car was also a “garage queen” with a 327 in it, and after some fine tuning from PBC, this car drove like a champ. This Camaro restoration was definitely one for the books too…

This car was not a complete restoration in itself though. For this Camaro restoration, what we did restore and fix included ALL NEW:


  • 15-inch American Racing Rims  with some copper radials
  • Stainless steel 2 1/2 inch exhaust thick wall piping with stainless steel Magnaflow muffler
  • Taillight bezels
  • Emblems
  • Wheel well moldings
  • Side marker lights
  • Door locks
  • Door rubbers
  • and gasket door weather stripping

We also did a complete straightening Bodywork with Long blocking body panels and went through with high-grade urethane primer and de-cromed it. Then we went through with base coat and clear coat. The color for the Camaro is the original GM color, Ermine White.


Here Is a quick video when we arrived with the car to Phill’s House


Check out some photos of the Camaro restoration


1968 Camaro restoration in painting
1968 Camaro in the painting process


detailed work on 68 Camaro restoration

Below the car is prepped for undercoating 

classic 68 Camaro restoration on car lift

You will see the long blocking procedure and the guide coat, this is how we stick – block the car to get panels straight 

Look how thick the 2.5-inch Stainless steel exhaust is we custom bent a full dual exhaust from the manifolds back and installed stainless steel Magna- Flow Mufflers 


stainless steel exhaust 68 Camaro restoration


1968 Camaro Restoration in FL
finished 68 Camaro restoration….. Ready to ship to  North Carolina in our enclosed car Trailer 
blue interior of an original 68 Camaro restoration
Original Blue interior  we also installed a new carpet 


Camaro restoration


1978 Camaro Restoration

Original White Gm Color 

Camaro restoration


Till next time, keep cruisin’! 

-Palm Beach Customs


We hope you enjoyed the 1968 Camaro Restoration!

Check out our other Camaro post HERE.     

1968 Camaro Restoration

We only need 2 things from our customers:

Vision & Commitment 

As long as you can provide us with those two things,

we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.

Whether you have an original classic car or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.

Go over to our FAQ page to learn some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car you’re dreaming up!

We also offer Brand New Licenced GM steel Camaro bodies assembled in the USA 

Take a Peek here 

1984 Jeep CJ-7

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red 84 Jeep CJ7

Kandy Apple Red 1984 Jeep CJ-7



This jeep is originally from California and rolled into our shop with almost no rust. This was a  3/4 restoration and ended up looking like a brand new jeep without having to lift it off the frame.



It originally came with the hard doors and hard top and clean underneath and body in general, for the use of it. We gave it a 2-inch lift, using 33 BF Goodrich k-o tunes. we went with new 15′ steel wheels with a blacked out look. We went with the original CJ Red color and 4 coats of high-grade urethane clear coat and ultra fined and buffed to give it that “Show Car” gloss.



As we were doing this build you’ll see in the pictures we went with a brand new front windshield, rubber weatherstrips, wipers and wiper blades. The doors were taken apart and dismantled and all the glass was removed.

Every one of these cj7 s usually has two cracks on the inside of the door (fatigue cracks) right next to where the vent window locks into place right about 25% up the front of the door.
So, we welded those nice so they’re solid again. We then put them into primer and base and clear and then wet sanded and buffed and then we put them on a nice soft table and put the new glass back in clean. Typically, just to do the doors you’re looking at a day’s worth of labor probably a half a day to paint them and I’m gonna say a few hours to wet sand them buff and a few hours to assemble. The doors are not a 5-minute project; you can blow a day or a day and a half on a set of doors.



The jeep got brand new steel latches, hood latches, park lights, side marker lights and a full stainless steel exhaust with Bora stainless muffler. We redid the brakes and belts and belts and battery too.





Check out the photos BELOW of the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 Restoration 


Final Walk-around video of the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 below 




84 Jeep CJ-7 motor


1984 Jeep CJ-7 red


new 15' steel wheels Red CJ-7 JeepAbove are the new 15′ steel wheels with a blacked out look.


underneath CJ-7 Jeep 1984


door rubber red cj-7

New door rubber and windows



front interior red 1984 CJ-7 JEEP

In the photo above, you can see the whole front interior and doors, which come together very nicely


hard top cj-7 jeep

The jeep came with the hard top, and here it is all cleaned up 








CJ-7 Jeep ready for bed liner


ready for bed liner with a red cj-7 jeep


components blocked off for bed liner in a 84 CJ-7 Jeep

Above are a couple photos showing what the jeep looks like when it is ready for the bed liner. 


bed liner for a red cj-7 jeep


front floor boards with bed liner

The two photos above show what the bed liner looks like when it’s done…….awesome! 


cj-7 jeep dash with new everything

Above we have a photo of the dash with all new buttons, levers, gauges, etc. 


cj-7 restoration custom seats

Above is a photo of the new seats 


Below Some photos of some of the things we used for the restoration

jeep cover "JEEP"


dash switched for 1984 CJ-7 JEEP


Mopar parts for CJ-7 Jeep


wheel installation and door brackets for cj-7 jeep 1984




15' wheels



Final walk around video of the 1984 Jeep CJ-7


Click HERE to check out some more videos of our other JEEP CJ-7 Restorations.


1984 Jeep CJ-7 Restoration


We hope you enjoyed the 1984 Jeep CJ-7 Restoration.



We only need 2 things from our customers:




As long as you can provide us with those two things, we can work with you to bring your classic car to life.


Whether you have an original classic car or want to start from scratch with a new steel body and chassis, at Palm Beach Customs we go over every inch of your car to make sure the build is solid and the details are perfect.


Go over to our FAQ page to learn some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car you’re dreaming up!


1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud – A Dream

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1961 Silver Cloud Royce

Hey there!

And welcome to our Rolls Royce Silver Cloud build we did here at PBC.

1959 was a big year for Rolls Royce, and that’s why keeping the mint condition is so precious.

…..We had the pleasure of making that happen, and you get to see the process it takes.


A Brief History: 


The Silver Cloud model was introduced in October 1959 and proceeded to make its mark in history.

1959 was also the year that Rolls Royce beat Bentley’s production numbers; with 2,716 being built between 1959 and 1962 alone.

The Silver Cloud was also the first to use Rolls-Royce’s aluminum, “6.2-liter, 230-hp V-8 engine

which had been in the planning stages since 1947.”

1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud


This Rolls came in the shop with ONLY 5,200 miles on it!


After some paint and TLC (read on for details), this bad boy was ready for some more miles. 


See for yourself: 


See what we do: 

One of the things needed to be done was SHOW QUALITY paint.


1961 Rolls Royce


1961 Silver Cloud


Here are some photos pertaining to us achieving just that.

Rolls Royce Restoration

Above we have every part of the car, NOT being painted, sectioned off with paper and taped down.



The two photos above are of the car, BEFORE being painted and AFTER being sanded down.


The photo above shows the car in the process of being painted, the top half will be covered once done, to be able and paint the bottom half.




Above are some photos of the car DONE with paint. You can see the high gloss and how reflective and smooth it is…..true aspects of show quality paint.

Some mechanics work was done as well.

That consisted of a brake job, uptuned radio and some interior work.

It also got new door bumpers and an oil change.

See more about this Silver cloud Build.

After 500 Man Hours:


1961 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce


1961 Silver Cloud Royce


1961 Rolls



When you come to Palm Beach Customs you can rest assured that your muscle OR

classic car restoration is with the right people. Go over to our FAQ page to learn

some of the specifics and then get in touch with us – We would love to hear what car

your dreaming up!

Contact Us to Learn More


Tech Tip: The Big 3 Body Secrets

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Big 3 Body Secrets



The overall body of the car is what makes people stop and stare when you’re driving down the road. So, making sure someone or yourself does a good job, is essentially crucial and can sometimes be harder than you think. These Big 3 “Body Secrets” are sure to help you in moments you lost hope.

For instance, some people can turn a wrench extremely well, but can’t keep a steady paint hand. However, that’s not what this post is about.

We will be showing you some simple tech tips to use when painting, priming, sanding and buffing your classic or muscle car. The car being used in the post is a Rolls-Royce Silvercloud build done at Palm Beach Customs.

Check out this video of the final walk around the Rolls Royce

 Click here to see more on this Rolls Royce Restoration.

Big 3 Body Secrets




In the video, we used Guide Coat black lacquer bomb spray on the car to be able to see the imperfections once we run the blocking on a car.

We then re-primed with another half-gallon of urethane primer then blocked with 80 grit; shown in the next video.



In this video, John goes over two of the three “secrets”, one being the way he sands to make sure you are getting each and every sport thoroughly.

For instance, the black lacquer spray used in the first video, allowed John to see the “low” points in the car and primer, requiring more sanding in that particular area and primer.



We hope you enjoyed the Big 3 “Body Secrets” Tech Tips

If you have any questions, Contact Us.

We would love to help. 

Classic Car Restoration in Florida

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The classic car restoration of a Tri-5 Chevy is how it all started here at Palm Beach Customs…..

Classic car restoration 57' chevy nomad

John restored a 57′ Nomad wagon after picking it up at Carlisle Hershey Car Show in Pennsylvania. A total restoration was done after 2500 man hours and that led to John doing quite a few cars, and opening PBC.

Here is a video showing you photos of some classic car restorations done at PBC.


Best Classic Car Restoration


41′ Lincoln Zephyr

This restoration was done for Craig Walkins, the owner of Seattle Mariner. He grew up a Microsoft child and ended up being vice president. He also went to school with bill gates and a few of the other guys from New England area.

The 41′ Lincoln Zephyr has a V12 engine in it, all new braided wiring harness and gold plate on the dash. All the bezzles were gold plated and had a full leather hide from Europe. This was a 2500 man hour job.

Fun facts about the 41′ Lincoln Zephyr:

The 41′ Lincoln Zephyr was designed by Raymond Loewy, who also designed the Concord plane, the Coke bottle, and the Dominos logo. Loewy was hired by Ford to come up with a new design for the Lincoln and he did a great job. What’s so special about the car is that Ford decided to weld the body to the chassis, creating a Unibody and a heavy duty car.

Here is a video that shows an old Lincoln Zephyr commercial.


Below is a photo of the Lincoln Zephyr all done with restoration
Classic car restoration 41' lincoln zephyr

Below is a good shot of the front of the car, you can also see the show quality paint shining very well

licoln zephyr classic car restoration

Cool Fact: The steering wheels were made out of soybean at the time before fiberglass, and when you ordered your car, the car comes gold plated 

classic car restoration 41' Zephyr

Below is John Russo standing with the restored Lincoln Zephyr

classic car restoration Lincoln zephyr 41'

27′ Buick Roadster

This restoration was a father and son project, originally painted with a brush back in 1927. You were lucky for Grey and Black and that car ended up being painted Yellow, Olive and Black tricolor with the golf doors. Pretty cool.


Below is a photo of the roadster in the shop in the Car-o Liner 

27' buick roadster classic car restoration

Below is the roadster all taped and ready for paint 

roadster classic car restoration

Below, you will see the first color (Yellow) being added to the car 

classic car restoration 27' Buick Roadster

Below you can see the Olive and Yellow paint that was decided for the car 

27' Buick Roadster Classic Car Restoration

Rolls Royce

We did this 51′ Silvercloud build for a local collector in Ft. Myers who owned a big company that did electrical systems for the U.S. defense before he retired. PBC helped bring his car back to life. We also did some mechanical and upholstery work on the project.


Here is the Rolls Royce finished with restoration.

classic car restoration 36' Ford

At this stage, the Rolls is blocked out and ready for paint.

Rolls Royce Restoration

Below is the last moments of the Rolls Royce being in the shop. 

Classic Car Restoration Rolls Royce


Here is a video of the Rolls Roye being driven shortly after the completion of the restoration. 

Cadillac El Dorado

This El Dorado was one of the first front-wheel drive American cars and it was also kinda difficult to find parts for the car because they only made 17,000.

However, Lin Steel Rubber was able to come thru with some of the parts. They actually made a lot of the rubber pieces for the trunk, door jams, and garments to be able to put the car together. The car left with a 429 big block, all new wiring chrome, full paint, leather interior with embroidered caddie logos and new vinyl top.


Below is a nice photo of the front of the Cadillac, you can also see the show quality paint up close.

Cadillac El Dorado Classic Car Restoration

You can see the tires and another good shot of the reflective paint. 

Classic Car Restoration Cadillac El Dorado


El Dorado Cadillac Classic Car Restoration

36′ Ford


This was a 1936 Ford coupe five-window that John restored. It was done with an all original frame and had super bell front axel done old school with a small block Chevy turbo 400.

Below is a demonstrative photo of what the client wanted the car to look like. 

36' Ford Black Classic Car Restoration

Below you can see the steel body blocked off and ready for paint

Below is a photo of the restoration in progress, next is the parts assembly.

36' Ford Classic Car Restoration


That’s just a little sample of some of the cars that we have done here at the shop. If there’s something we can help you with, feel free to hit us in the comments or contact us. We’d be glad to help you!

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations

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kandy red cj-7 jep

We really do get it……… It’s a Jeep thing.

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations

That’s why Palm Beach Customs has always loved turning that “Jeep thing into a Real thing ”

with Many of our classic CJ-7 Jeep restorations including turn-key builds

If you have an original unrusty Body that’s Great However if your tub is in tough shape we offer Brand New steel bodies Here

Jeeps History: 

Willys Overland built the first prototypes for a commercial version in 1944 after being one of the main two manufacturers of the military jeeps at the time. Sadly, that jeep line ended in 1984. But don’t doubt a thing, because they look and drive beautiful, then and now. In fact, they were called “America’s Workhorse” and described as being amongst “…the most successful utility vehicles ever made.” Also, CJ stands for Civilian Jeep and fits perfectly with its description!!

Want to learn more about the CJ-7 jeep history? Click Here.


Our Coolest CJ-7 Jeep Restorations!


“The Beast” CJ-7 Jeep Restoration:


This jeep restoration was done for a dad and his two sons.

We installed 35 inch BFG ko2 all-terrain tires after installing a 4-inch suspension as well as a 1-inch body lift kit.

When we delivered the car, nothing but laughter and joy came about. Watch the video below to hear from the client himself!


Below is when we delivered the Cj-7 to Boca, Florida for the Client


Below is The Beast 1977 Jeep CJ-7 after its first test ride from the shop in Ocala.

Watch the test ride Video Here.


Here is a shot of the Jeep in the shade which gives you a better look at the tires.

The Beast CJ7 Jeep restorations

Click Here to see more about “The Beast” CJ7 Restoration.

CJ-7 Jeep Restorations


1984 CJ-7 Nevada Jeep Restoration:


At the time of this jeep restoration, we chose to restore this Jeep as a ¾ restoration to keep the buy-it price reasonable. This Jeep ended up being perfect for a real Jeeper.

The jeep body came into the shop pretty much rust free.  In fact, we chose to leave all the factory fusion welds on the rear quarters from the factory assembly as is. We also kept the original “sunshine” yellow color.what we did on this was a full strip down and all moldings all off, the windshield was taken apart and all new rubber was put around the windshield. All the lights have been replaced.

Before painting, we disassembled the truck, took the top off and prepped the paint. Then we totally D chromed, primed and we did the base and clear coat on the Jeep.

Everything works and there were no air gaps or rattles. This jeep also got stainless hinges, cool
aftermarket stainless mirrors and a nice set of Pro Comp 33 twelve fives tires.

It left with new plugs, wires, fuel pump, air filter, oil change, new alternator, serp. belt, antifreeze, differential oil, rough country leaf springs, a new set of shocks, awesome exhaust with a stainless steel catalytic converter, with the 6 cylinder header with the exhaust custom bent to fit into the cat.


Here is a walk around the yellow CJ7 Jeep after it was restored:

Below is a picture of the jeep restoration all done, with the top off.

cj7 Jeep restorations


Below is a side shot of the yellow cj7 Jeep.

cj7 jeep restorations yellow


Here is a picture of the jeep all done and ready to be seen by the owner.

1984 cj7 jeep restorations

Click Here to see more about this CJ7 Jeep Restoration.


1984 Renegade CJ7 jeep restoration: 


This jeep was a 3/4 restoration as it came with a reman motor and a new clutch when it came into the shop. We gave the renegade fresh paint, new rims, and tires, shocks, brakes, wheel cylinders, plastic frame cover and new lights. We also put all new radiator support grommets and new battery and we did a complete tune-up.

distributor oil change belts some hoses

Here is a final walk around with John Russo:


We opted for a new front windshield and new window rubber

red renegade cj7 jeep restoration


Below is a side shot of the renegade. You can see really the deep red color here.

cj7 red renegade jeep restorations



Want to restore your CJ7?  Contact Us and we can help you.





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Dodge Hellcats Evil Twin Devil Demon

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Dodge Hellcats Evil Twin Devil Demon

Dodge Devil Demon

Dodge Hellcats Evil Twin Devil Demon



Dodge Devil Demon The Hellcats evil Twin

You can Visit The Packages Here

Dodge Hellcats Evil Twin Devil Demon


Dodge Hellcats Evil Twin Devil Demon
Dodge Hellcats Evil Twin Devil Demon challenger steel bodies

            Build your own Challenger with a New steel Body 

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