Custom Graphics Lettering Service Ft Myers: Tuning up a Racing Boat

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Custom graphics lettering service on a racing boat

Check out our Custom Graphics Lettering service at Palm Beach Customs,  in Ft Myers


Palm Beach Customs can help you turn a regular un-noticeable boat into a rockstar at the dock. Take a look at how we turned a plain white boat into a racing sports star, with streamlined graphics and strong, vivid colors.


When this boat got into the workshop, it was plain white. As the owner wanted it to be a noticeable, racing boat, we had some ideas of how to turn this white unnoticeable boat into an eye candy, worthy of the Cigarette Racing Club, that ordered a custom graphics job.



We first sat down with the owner and discussed ideas. That resulted with a mockup of how the boat should look when finished, with all the details inside and out. Once the owner approved the design, we prepared the colors. For this boat custom paint job we used Shimrin candys by House of Kolor paints because they have great pigment consistency that is not affected by water and sunshine, both things that this boat will see plenty of.



The next step in this custom graphics of a racing boat was preparing the paint surfaces, which meant almost every square inch of the outer hull and the dashboard inside. Then, the boat's next stop was in the downdraft paint booth.



We first did the base coat of bright yellow of the hull. We did leave the immersed part of the hull white.




With the base yellow color dried up, the next step was to add some tangerine and add the famous racing stripes on the sides, and the eye-catching racing flag on the top of the boat. To add even more dynamic look and freshness, we added a stripe of green-black detail which worked great with the orange-white-black motif.




With the outer hull custom-painted, we moved inside the boat, and worked on the dashboard and seats. For seats, we chose an ivory-shade natural leather that sat perfectly with the tangerine hull and metallic details on the dashboard. For the dashboard we decided to go bold with the Cigarette Racing branding, which wrapped things up, bringing the logo and graphics inside the cockpit.




When all was done, we took the boat to the dock, for a real job-well-done treat. The Cigarette Racing Team was very happy with this custom paint job for their racing boat. Take a look at the image gallery to see this great custom paint job for this racing boat.




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Got a boat? Perhaps you can treat it with a fresh, unique paint job for a real statement at the dock.





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