Lettering and Custom Graphics of a Peterbilt Truck

Need Custom Lettering And Graphics In Florida On Your Truck?

by | Apr 10, 2012 | Lettering

Trucks are fun to own, and every self-conscious truck owner wants a truck that is a bit different from all the rest.

The easiest way to get this uniqueness is to do a lettering and custom graphics job, which can be adjusted to your line of work, your character and your truck.

Here is how a Peterbilt owner added uniqueness to this truck , that is eye catching and unobtrusive at the same time. The owner wanted to have their business name appear on the doors, and asked for something extra on the side panels to spice up the look.

Lettering and Custom Graphics of a Peterbilt Truck

The metallic tiled foil we used for the lettering job really creates a rich look of the finished work, adding style and prestige to this beautiful Peterbilt truck.

For this lettering and custom graphics job, we went with a metallic-tiled foil and used two extra foils, deep blue and light red. Since this Peterbilt was deep red, with smart techniques we actually ended up getting four layers of custom graphics and lettering that really looks great.

We started off by thoroughly cleaning and polishing all the lettering surfaces to make sure there is no dirt or grease that would interfere with the quality of the adhesion of the foils. We always do this step in order to ensure a long-lasting lettering warranty. With the high-quality foils we use, and our detailed work, this Peterbilt custom graphics, and lettering got a 10-year warranty of work and materials.

Lettering on truck

For the door panels, we created deep, 4-layer lettering that made the metal-tiled foil stand out even more.

For the side panels, we went with a zig-zagged, almost biker-style custom graphics using three colors plus the truck based paint to create a vivid detail adorning the Peterbilt sign, without being too flashy. This was a detailed airbrush graphics for the truck so we’d get an illusion of a 3D graphics truck adornment. This Peterbilt got the identical graphics detail on both sides.

Custom paint on a peterbuilt truck

To addorn the Peterbilt logo, we did a 3-color airbrush biker-style graphics to spice up the side panels.

For the door panels we went with a detailed lettering job but with an unobtrusive design. We first applied the light red foil that had cut-ins, to create a very cool negative film graphics effect off the darker red truck finish and create extra detail. Then, we moved up one layer and used a dark blue color to create extra depth for the final, metalic-tiled foil.

Custom lettering and graphics in florida

Before lettering, we gave this Peterbilt a thorough cleanup and polish of the lettering surfaces to ensure a 10-year warranty on materials and work.

This layered approach worked out wonderfully and the client was extremely happy with this unique custom graphics and lettering of the Peterbilt truck. Both the lettering and airbrush graphics have plenty of depth and detail to create a memorable appearance of this truck wherever it goes.

If you’re from the Ft. Myers FL area and want a lettering and custom graphics services, feel free to contact us and find out how you can benefit from our quality materials and custom graphics and lettering experience.

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P.S. It’s been a while since we did this Peterbilt lettering and custom graphics job. Lou Andrews, the proud owner recently called the shop, and this is what he said:

John, Thank you again. Usually people only call when they have something to complain about.
After you finished my truck I just wanted to let you know I’m very happy. Thanks for everything.
Lou  Andrews




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